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Premier Online Personal Training Programs

Globally recognised and EREPs-endorsed, our online personal training course offers over 250 hours of practical and theoretical content. This program stands as Europe’s most advanced and thorough online PT curriculum, crafted and delivered by leading fitness and clinical professionals.

More Than Just a PT Course

We excel in creating and offering top-tier qualifications for exercise professionals, and our online personal trainer courses are no different! When you train with us, even through our fully online programs, you'll have the chance to learn from the best. Our comprehensive online PT courses include theoretical lectures and practical workshops led by some of the industry's most experienced and credentialed experts, including doctors, dietitians, certified nutritionists, and physiotherapists.

Internationally recognized
You’ll earn a globally accredited, EuropeActive regulated certification that is acknowledged worldwide. It is also fully endorsed by EREPs and highly valued by employers across the fitness industry.
EQF Level 4 Personal Trainer Qualification

Equip yourself with the skills and certifications valued by employers worldwide. NPTC Pure offers accredited programs aligned with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) Level 3 and 4, propelling you towards a successful career.

Learn at Your Own Pace
Life can be unpredictable, which is why our online personal training courses give you up to 12 months to complete, with options to extend if needed.
Real-Time Assistance
Our committed learning support tutors are available to assist you via phone, email, or Zoom whenever you have a question. No query is too big, small, or complex, and you have unlimited access to their support.
Flexible Payment Plans
We are committed to offering our students an open and transparent pricing model. That’s why every student pays the same affordable rate for their online personal training courses. However, if you need to spread the cost over 6 months, don’t worry—our payment plans are completely INTEREST-FREE.
A Premier Personal Training Learning Experience

To become a top-tier personal trainer, you need a perfect blend of knowledge, understanding, and skills. Our online personal training courses are exceptionally comprehensive, covering a wide range of theoretical and practical subjects to help you excel in this exciting and rewarding profession.

Specialist Theory Lessons
Our online personal training courses offer a comprehensive selection of on-demand theory sessions, delivered by renowned professionals such as doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, and physiotherapists, to help you master the fundamentals of personal training.
Virtual Practical Workshops
Our online course encompasses a diverse array of practical sessions, covering fitness assessments, exercise techniques, instructor skills, advanced programming, and much more. These workshops are designed to equip you with the essential PT skills needed for success.

NPTC - Pure Online -€995.00

Our NPTC-Pure is the ideal starter package for obtaining an EREPs-endorsed (practitioner) and EuropeActive-regulated qualification. Every journey begins with a single step, and this essential package offers the perfect foundation to embark on your path to success.

What's included in this course:

  • Pay Upfront
  • Pay Monthly

NPTC – Pure

Original price was: €995.Current price is: €945.


Platinum NCPT was designed for fitness professionals looking to expand their knowledge to an advanced level by adding Nordic Fitness Nutrition Coach (NFNC) into their program.

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NPTC – Pure Original price was: €995.Current price is: €945.
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NPTC – Pure 6 month



Platinum NCPT was designed for fitness professionals looking to expand their knowledge to an advanced level by adding Nordic Fitness Nutrition Coach (NFNC) into their program.

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Becoming an advanced specialist in Personal Training…

Youth Exercise Specialist Certification

World Class course material
All of our online personal trainer course material is developed and delivered by industry experts. The material is accessible in both print and digital formats, and our support team is dedicated to assisting you in maintaining steady progress. Each topic is organized in a logical, layered manner, enabling you to build upon previous knowledge as you advance through the online course.
How the body works
  • Skeleton and muscles
  • Cardiorespiratory, nutrition, and energy
How to adopt an active healthy lifestyle
  • Active healthy living
  • Components of active healthy living
How to ensure a safe,clean, and friendly environment
  • Health and safety
  • Customer service
Anatomy & Physiology for Health and Fitness
  • Skeletal anatomy
  • Joints and connective tissue
  • Joint movement and function
  • Skeletal muscle anatomy
  • Muscle actions
  • Exercise and muscle function
  • Respiratory physiology
  • Cardiovascular physiology
  • Cellular energy systems for exercise
  • Nervous physiology & immunity
  • Endocrine physiology
  • Thermoregulation
Fitness Instructor
  • Role of the fitness instructor
  • Health and safety of physical facilities
  • Health and safety of participants
  • Fitness induction
  • Motivation and instruction
  • Essential instruction skills
Nutrition for Health and Fitness
  • Introduction to nutrition
  • Digestion
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fluid balance and hydration
  • Diet for endurance exercise
  • Diet for high intensity exercise
  • Diet for muscular development
  • Diet for body fat reduction
Business skills for Personal Training
  • Personal Training: A customer oriented business
  • Personal Training: Key principles for delivery
  • Introduction to the business of personal training
  • Personal training business models
  • Personal training products and services
  • Personal training business branding
  • Business planning
  • Business marketing
  • Selling personal training
  • PT business documentation
Consultation, Testing and Programme Design

Components and variables of fitness

Communication skills for consultation

Collecting information part A

Short term planning: Resistance training

Monitoring and adapting a plan

Collecting information part B

Cardiovascular fitness assessment

Strength and endurance assessment

Balance and agility assessment

Introduction to programme design

Cardiovascular programme planning

Long term planning: Resistance training

Acute training variables

Basic Exercise Guidance documents:

    • CV machine exercises
    • Joint mobilisation exercises
    • Resistance machines exercises
    • Key barbell exercises (squat, deadlift, bench press)
    • Basic core exercises
    • Static stretching exercises
Exercise Instruction for Personal Training

Instructional skills

Preparing for a personal training session

Advanced training methods

Exercise safety and spotting

Delivering a personal training session

Concluding a personal training session

Supportive technology for PT

Basic Exercise Guidance documents:

    • CV machine exercises
    • Joint mobilisation exercises
    • Resistance machines exercises
    • Key barbell exercises (squat, deadlift, bench press)
    • Basic core exercises
    • Static stretching exercises


Exclusive Personal Training Perks and Bonuses

Our commitment to providing exceptional value to our students means that our personal training courses go beyond the basics. When you train with NFE, you gain access to a variety of unique products, services, and discounts that are unavailable elsewhere. Some of these exclusive benefits are highlighted below.

limited time free nasm cpd course
Exclusive Offer for NFE Graduates
As a thank you for your commitment, we’re excited to offer a 3-month free trial of Harbiz with no payments required. Manage your fitness business effortlessly and focus on transforming lives. After the trial, enjoy a 20% discount on Harbiz subscriptions for the next 3 months. This special offer supports your journey towards a thriving fitness practice. Sign up today!

We are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with NASM. When you enroll in any of our personal training courses, you will receive complimentary NASM Flexibility Training and Neuromuscular Stretching courses. These additional courses are designed to kickstart your career and enhance your professional skill set.

Guiding Your Success

We take pride in our exceptional 5-star support team. When you enroll in our online personal training course, you are assigned a dedicated support tutor who will guide you throughout your course and beyond. Studying online with us means you are never alone; you can seek as much or as little assistance as you need. You can contact your support tutor via:

  • Phone calls

  • Emails

  • Video calls

  • Webinars

How much does it cost to get certified as a personal trainer?

The cost of personal training courses vary considerably around the world. Even within Europe course fees range between €1000 to €3500. There are many reasons for such a wide price variation. The price of our online PT course is purposely positioned in the lower end of that price range (€1000-€1500), but we still deliver 100% high-quality education at affordable prices. 

What are the pre-requisites to registering for the Nordic personal trainer certificate?

Our PT course is designed to allow a wide entry gate. There are only a few minimum requirements that must be in place prior to being eligible to register for the course:

  1. All learners must be 18 years or older.
  2. All learners must have completed secondary level education. 
  3. Each student must be capable of learning in English (including listening, reading, writing, and speaking). 

*Note: Students will not be graded on the level of their English writing or speaking skills, but it is essential that their coursework and assessments can be communicated and understood in English. 

How long does it take to become a personal trainer?

Personal Trainer courses vary in length. Be warned of short courses promising quality education. The European standards require that a personal trainer course must be at least 4 months duration.

Our recommendation for Nordic PT Certificate is a total of 27 weeks education spread across 4 x 6 week terms. There are over 250 hours of learning to complete. It will take most learners approximately 6 months to complete all the requirements and become a fully certified personal trainer.  

Students should be able to allocate between 9-10 hours of study per week in order to complete the PT course in line with the recommended schedule.

What does it mean to be a Level 4 personal trainer?

Personal training is a vocational (related to employment) certification. Previously in Europe, the major employers worked together with leading educators and Europe Active to define what knowledge and skills a personal trainer must obtain in order to successfully perform in their job. This set of requirements is known as the personal training professional standards.


The level relates to the established European Qualification Framework (EQF). Level 4 is an educational level equivalent to senior secondary school standard. A Level 4 education is the required standard for entry into a career as a personal trainer. 


European qualification framework level 4

European qualification framework

How is the Nordic PT course delivered?

The Nordic Personal Trainer Course is professionally accredited to provide 100% online education. As pioneers in Europe, we were the first organization to attain online accreditation through EuropeActive & EREPs. Our comprehensive curriculum, including video lessons, resources, assessments, and tutor support, is delivered through our custom-built online learning platform.

Our online course content follows an ‘on-demand’ format, granting learners the flexibility to learn at their own pace. While PT students are provided with a recommended loose weekly timetable to adhere to learning requirements, it functions primarily as a task list to be completed each week and does not prescribe specific learning times.

Please note that all our students will receive invitations to participate in FREE live online interactive webinars, offering valuable support sessions with their tutor/assessor. Additionally, NPTC Pro students will benefit from an in-person live workshop to refine their practical skills.

If the course is 100% online, how are the practical PT skills taught and assessed?

This is an important question. A good personal trainer must obtain a range of important practical skills to be able to do their job effectively. During the development of our 100% online course, we knew that we would need to think differently about the teaching and development of good practical skills. The course is full of ways to enhance and apply knowledge in a practical manner and to ensure our graduates have the necessary practical skills. 


All our students are required to have access to a local fitness facility for the duration of the course. They will need to use their local gym to practice and develop their skills as they learn throughout the course. Our expert tutors have created hours of practical content to help build your skills. Our course materials are available via a digital learning application, which allows students to learn via a smartphone or tablet while they are at the gym – they can learn on-demand and practice together at the same time while on site at their local fitness club. 


Students are also required to submit a series of video assessments to their assigned tutor/assessor. The video assessments will allow each learner to showcase their newly acquired practical skills and receive expert feedback on their performance. We can assure you that hard-working, successful NFE graduates will have obtained the necessary practical skills to work as a personal trainer. 

Are there any recommendations regarding the pace at which I can complete the NPTC course?

The recommended timeframe for completing the NPTC course is 27 weeks in total, with an advised commitment of 9-10 hours per week.

What is required for the fitness internship?

The fitness internship is a necessary requirement to ensure that all online PT students have achieved the required professional European standards at Level 4. 


The fitness internship is composed of 3 different elements:

  1. Engaging in voluntary work within a fitness centre local to where you live. 
  2. Supporting a mentor certified personal trainer within their own fitness business.
  3. Serving a voluntary client to help them move towards their own health and fitness objectives. 

Students are required to accumulate a total of 40 hours of relevant industry experience across these 3 internship elements. Students willingly volunteer their time assisting fitness businesses within their local area in return for valuable work experience prior to graduation.  Students are required to maintain a detailed, verified record of the work they complete. This record is submitted for assessment.  

Is this PT certification valid internationally?

Yes! Our personal trainer online course is accredited through the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPs) which means that the majority of European countries recognise the EREPs professional standards system and will recognise our graduates as professionally certified. Currently there are at least 29 countries in the European region that acknowledge EREPs certified students. There are also at least 12 non-European countries that deliver certifications aligned to the EREPs professional standards. 

The Nordic PT Certificate is also approved under the International Confederation of REPs (ICREPs) which means that another 19 nations outside of Europe also accept and recognise our successful graduates as professionally certified. 

This makes our personal trainer course a truly international certification programme recognised in more than 50 countries across 5 continents, allowing you to work as you travel the world!

How long do personal training certifications remain valid?

Typically, a European personal trainer certification is valid for life. However, to maintain a recognised, registered professional status it is important to engage in continuing education throughout your career. A certain amount of education must be obtained every year to keep continuous professional registration with EREPs. Personal trainer courses outside of Europe may have different requirements to maintain valid PT status. 

What is the quickest/easiest personal trainer education?

In the personal trainer education market, there may be some training providers who promise a quick or easy solution to getting certified. Be warned of such promises because good quality education will take time and hard work to achieve. More importantly, professionally accredited PT education in Europe must include over 200 required learning standards, therefore, a quick shortcut to teach these important topics and skills would be unwise and could leave the student without the skills to succeed in a competitive PT market.

NFE has thoroughly planned and developed its PT education to ensure we teach all necessary professional standards and to ensure our graduates have all the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a competitive market. 

What personal trainer certificate is most respected?

This depends on the region of the world that the certification will be utilised. Within the European continent, courses that have been accredited by the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPs) are highly respected in the health and fitness industry. EREPs accredited courses are recognised in more than 35 countries. Our Level 4 Nordic PT certification is professionally accredited with EREPs and gives the bearer all the knowledge and skills they need to work as a certified personal trainer. 

In the USA, the NCCA is the gold standard for third-party personal training certifications. 

Is a personal trainer certification worth the investment?

The relatively small financial investment in a quality personal trainer course is most definitely worth it! The average income of personal trainers in Europe in 2018 was between  €1400-2200 per month (*this average figure includes both part time and full time PTs), so the cost of the course will quickly be repaid. Full time PTs will likely earn much more than this monthly average. In addition, the quality PT education you receive will also ensure a lifetime of health-promoting knowledge and skills that will benefit your own health, wellbeing, and fitness too.

Do you have to be fit to be a personal trainer?

Personal trainers need not be elite, nor have advanced fitness levels, but they will be expected to have a fitness level sufficient enough to demonstrate the exercises they are recommending to clients. While there are no physical fitness tests to become a personal trainer, having a foundation of fitness will certainly help you to attract clients by being a practicing example of the things you will be coaching others to do. 

What is the duration provided to complete my NPTC course?

You will have a total of 12 months or 365 days from your enrollment date to complete your NPTC course, encompassing the Fitness Assistant, Fitness Instructor, and Personal Training courses. Additionally, there is an option to extend this period by an additional 3 months, subject to possible charges.

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