Business Skills for Personal Training




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Business Skills for Personal Training

Course Overview

This online course is designed to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully manage a personal training business. Fitness coaching and personal training are truly customer service-focused vocations. Success is built upon effective branding, an attractive product portfolio, an innovative marketing plan, fit for purpose sales processes, and understanding how to plan and deliver a clear business strategy.

Course Content

This business course is composed of 10 lessons:

Customer-oriented business
Key principles for delivery
The business of personal training
Personal training business models
Personal training products and services
Fitness business branding
Business planning
Business marketing
Selling personal training
Business documentation
Assessments: a mix of online quizzes and a final written, applied business case study worksheet that is submitted to a personal tutor for grading.The nutrition certificate is assessed by a mix of online quizzes and a final written nutrition case study that is submitted to your assigned tutor for grading.

Note: This certification forms the same nutrition module as found within the NPTC qualification.

Course Features
  • A flexible, online study programme that fits within your daily lifestyle.
  • Approved by the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREP’s) Lifelong Learning Programme for a maximum of 10 hours recognition.
  • Developed by highly experienced, qualified fitness professionals.
  • Access to a range of essential fitness, planning, and financial document templates to kick-start your business.
  • Already certified as a personal trainer
  • Completed high school / secondary level education
  • Be skilled and confident in speaking, reading and writing in English
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Time and ability to complete the course within 6 weeks

Considering to be a Fitness Professional? Already in the fitness industry and looking to advance?

Society continues to focus on health and fitness and combating obesity. There is no better time to consider a career as a Fitness Professional. This field expects nearly 24,000 new trainers within the next 10 years.

Let’s find out the benefits to having a career as a Fitness Professional:

  • Working in a Gym or Opening a Gym

  • You are free to choose to have a contract or Independent Work

  • Take Your Talents Online

  • Change of Space and Pace of your work

  • Work With Different Clientele

  • Specialize in a New Field

  •   Find out what is Beyond Fitness

  • Business Management

  • Pass Along Your Knowledge or become a mentor

Join the Fitness Professionals who are now working with some of the fitness industry’s leading health and leisure and physical activity employers.

How will I be assessed?

The assessments for our NPTC course are varied and different types of assessments are used for different aspects of the course. Here’s how you’ll demonstrate your theory and practical knowledge throughout your training experience with NFE If you want more detail about the assessment watch this video …







Theory exams

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