Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions constitute a legally binding contract between learners and Nordic Fitness Education.

Alternative dispute resolution:

The European Commission provides a platform for the out-of-court resolution of disputes (ODR platform), which can be viewed under https://ec.europa.eu/odr.


  • "We" and "us" refer to Nordic Fitness Education, your education provider.
  • "You" refers to the learner receiving the education.
  • "E-Resources" means electronic resources, encompassing digital educational materials such as e-course manuals, workbooks, videos, and learning modules, accessible through a Learning Management System (LMS) supported by us.

  • Purpose of Terms and Conditions: These Terms and Conditions clarify the mutual responsibilities and expectations between us and you. Reading, understanding, and accepting these terms is mandatory before enrollment.
  • We provide high-quality, accredited online education to equip students with the necessary skills and certifications for success in the fitness industry. Our courses are endorsed by EREPs / EuropeActive.
  • Student Commitment: Enrollment signifies a commitment to professional development and maintaining integrity, respect, and dedication.
  • Right to Modify Terms: We may update these Terms and Conditions at any time, with changes effective immediately upon posting on the website. Your continued enrollment and use of our services after such changes shall constitute your consent.
  • Support and Enquiries: You are encouraged to contact the support team with questions or for further information.
  • Acknowledgement of Terms: By enrolling, you acknowledge you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions, marking the beginning of your fitness education journey with us.


Course Descriptions: Nordic Fitness education


We are committed to delivering exceptional online education tailored to aspiring fitness professionals' needs at various stages of their career journey. We design our course structures on learning science and industry standards to cater to learners' varying experiences and support requirements, ensuring a comprehensive and flexible learning experience. Below, you will find an overview of the available course structures:

1. NPTC Pure

This self-paced course structure is ideal for learners seeking flexibility without compromising quality. It offers EREPs / EuropeActive-approved qualifications, including the Level 2 Fitness assistant, Level 3 Fitness Instructor and the Level 4 Personal Trainer . Delivered entirely online, this programme requires learners to have consistent internet access to engage with the learning management system for study and assessments. While the recommended completion time is 12 weeks, learners can pace their studies to suit their lifestyles and educational ambitions. This format is particularly suitable if you have prior experience and are motivated and disciplined to self-direct your learning journey. You can access our learner support team for enquiries, assessment marking, and feedback. 

2. NPTC Plus

The NPTC Plus courses structure includes the same EREPs / EuropeActive approved qualifications as NPTC Pure, including the additional Nordic Fitness Nutrition Coach and Youth Exercise Specialist from our world well known education partner NASM. This option is structured the same as NPTC Pure . A key feature of NPTC Plus is the inclusion of live online webinars and additional internationally recognized CPD courses, facilitating interactive learning sessions led by experienced tutors and industry professionals. This model encourages student collaboration and provides an enhanced level of support from tutors, making it ideal for those seeking additional guidance and motivation and a structured timetable to complete their studies within a set timeframe.

3. NPTC Pro

The NPTC Pro course structure surpasses foundational and advanced training certifications by incorporating practical skill development and support in content creation and website development. This programme offers EREPs/ EuropeActive-approved qualifications, extending to Nordic Fitness Nutrition Coach ,Nordic Sleep Recovery Coach and the following CPD courses from our world well known education partner NASM .Youth Exercise Specialist,Women Fitness specialist and the Performance Enhancement Specialist . It provides face-to-face learning opportunities through virtual classrooms. A distinctive aspect of this programme is the inclusion of virtual classrooms , live content delivery led by experienced tutors and industry professionals, promoting interactive sessions and student collaboration and the various CPD courses that are internationally recognized and essential for your success as an outstanding fitness professionals. This approach offers additional tutor support, which is ideal for students seeking guidance and a regimented schedule to complete their studies within a specified timeframe. NPTC Pro is suitable for learners who want hands-on practical support and essential digital competencies for modern fitness professionals. Our learner support team guarantees continuous support for all enquiries and assessment feedback. 

Course Duration and Access

All learners enrolled in our NPTC courses, including the Plus and Pro programmes, must complete and have the Level 2 Fitness Assistant,Level 3 Fitness Instructor and Level 4 Personal Trainer qualifications assessed within 12 months (365 days) from your enrolment date. During this period, you will have full access to the learning content via our Learning Management System (LMS) and learner support team for assistance.

As the 12-month (365 days) deadline approaches, our learner support team will issue notifications before the deadline, reminding you of the impending end of your access period. You must ensure that you complete the courses above within this 12-month (365 days) timeframe. Should you not complete the qualifications within the 12 months (365 days), you will lose access to the Learning Management System and the learner support team after this deadline.

You may request a three-month extension if you need additional time to complete your qualifications. An extension fee of €150 applies for this extra period. Further extensions, each subject to the same fee structure, can be granted to accommodate your needs while ensuring progress towards final certification.

Your Responsibilities

As a student at Nordic Fitness Education, we expect you to uphold specific responsibilities to ensure a productive and respectful learning environment for all. Your commitment to these responsibilities is important to your success and the integrity of our educational community. Below are the expectations we set for our learners:

  1. Familiarise Yourself with Programme Requirements: Understand the necessary steps to effectively complete your chosen programme of study.
  2. Adherence to Terms and Conditions: Comply with the terms and conditions set forth by Nordic Fitness Education.
  3. Follow the Fitness Industry Code of Ethical Practice: Abide by the standards and ethical practices established within the fitness industry.
  4. Commit to Your Studies: Allocate sufficient time each week for your studies and approach your learning with a commitment to excel and achieve high standards.
  5. Embrace Feedback: Be receptive to tutor/staff feedback to enhance your future work and assessment performance.
  6. Meet Assignment Deadlines: Submit assignments by the deadlines outlined in your assessment plan.
  7. Punctuality: Ensure you arrive on time for virtual classrooms, 1-to-1 video calls, practical development, and assessment sessions.
  8. Engage with Your Course Tutor: If applicable, actively engage with your assigned course tutor to maximise your learning experience.
  9. Seek Assistance When Needed: If you encounter difficulties with the course content, do not hesitate to contact the learner support team or your assigned tutor (NPTC Plus and Pro programs).
  10. Responsible Behavior: Conduct yourself responsibly and professionally during virtual classrooms, 1-to-1 video calls and practical training days or sessions with your tutor.
  11. Respect for All: Show courtesy, fairness, and respect to fellow learners, staff, mentors, and community members, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or political beliefs.
  12. Patience and Cooperation: In the event of service difficulties, exhibit patience and work collaboratively with us towards a mutually agreeable solution to continue your programme of study.
  13. Undertake Further Research: Engage in additional research by exploring websites, books, publications, and research papers to deepen your understanding of the subject matter.
  14. Academic Integrity: Ensure all submitted assignments are your original work. Plagiarism or allowing another learner to copy from you can lead to disqualification and removal from the course.

By adhering to these responsibilities, you contribute to a supportive and enriching learning environment at Nordic Fitness Education, paving the way for personal and professional growth.

Intellectual Property Rights

Content Ownership

We retain full ownership of all NFE course materials protected under intellectual property laws, including all online courses and course material content. Without prior written permission, no part of the e-resources may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

User License

Upon payment of the course fee, we grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the e-resources solely to study the online courses. The license only permits online study materials on the learner's personal computer (desktop or laptop) and mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

We prohibit the modifying, copying, reproducing, republishing, sublicensing, selling, uploading, broadcasting, posting, transmitting, making available, disseminating, or distributing course materials. Moreover, learners may not modify, adapt, merge, translate, disassemble, decompile, recompile, or reverse engineer any software that is part of the online courses, course materials, and/or online study materials, nor create derivative works based on them or incorporate them into any software program. Any use of the online course, course materials, and/or online study materials not expressly permitted in these terms is strictly prohibited and constitutes an infringement of Nordic Fitness Education's copyright and/or other intellectual property rights.

Kindly be advised that it may take up to three days for access to all NASM courses to be granted.

Access to Electronic Resources (E-Resources)

We provide you with access to e-resources to support your studies. You agree to:

  • Access the learning management system and download e-resources for personal use on their laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The learner may print these resources but must not share them.
  • Respect intellectual property rights when using e-resources. Failure to do so will result in withdrawal from the course and no reimbursement of fees.

You must not:

  • Disclose or share passwords and copies of e-resources with other individuals or organisations.
  • Compromise the security and confidentiality of any e-resources released to you, produce further copies, or knowingly permit others to do so.
  • Use the resources for purposes other than personal study and only on computer systems and mobile devices covered by these terms.
  • Modify the e-resources in any form without the written permission of us.
  • Use the e-resources for any commercial purpose.
  • Make multiple prints or electronic copies of e-resources.
  • Provide print or electronic copies of material to anyone.
  • Post any content on the internet or other electronic networks.
  • Remove or alter publisher copyright notices, authors' names, company logos or other means of identification.
  • Remove or alter the copyright statement on any copies of the e-resources.

We are committed to continually improving the quality of its course resources and reserve the right to update them at any time without notice. This ensures you have access to the most current and effective study materials.

Complaints Policy and Procedure

We are committed to delivering high-quality services to our learners, branches, and education partners. Recognising the importance of voicing concerns, we ensure that all users of our services can submit a complaint. This policy delineates the process for lodging complaints, distinct from our appeals policy, which addresses issues related to assessments or decisions. We highly value feedback and actively encourage you to share any dissatisfaction. While we strive to create a positive learning environment, we acknowledge that there may be instances where issues arise, underscoring our commitment to address and resolve any concerns effectively.

Making a Complaint

If you wish to raise a complaint, please do so either in writing or verbally through the following channels:

  • Directly contact the staff member involved in your case (unless the complaint concerns this individual).
  • To the national manager overseeing the service.
  • Email IV@NORDICFITNESSEDUCATION.NET with any relevant supporting evidence attached.

When submitting a complaint, please provide:

  • Your full name and contact details, including a daytime phone number and email address.
  • A detailed account of the issue, including dates, times, and any relevant reference numbers.

We value feedback and encourage learners to communicate any dissatisfaction with their experience. Despite our efforts to ensure a positive learning environment, we acknowledge that issues may arise. To address this, complaints and feedback regarding any aspect of our service, including marketing communications, should be emailed to IV@NORDICFITNESSEDUCATION.NET. Please include comprehensive details of the complaint.

Commitment to Resolution

We are committed to working collaboratively with our learners to swiftly address and resolve any issues or complaints. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service or advice, please follow the outlined complaints handling procedure. We aim to address your concerns effectively and to your satisfaction, ensuring a constructive resolution.


Before we issue a qualification certificate, you must settle all outstanding debts. We offer two payment options for courses: full payment at the time of application or monthly installments according to an approved payment plan. Signing the application form constitutes a legal commitment to pay the course fee by the specified dates.

If an installment payment is unsuccessful due to a declined card or any other reason, we will first notify you via email and subsequently by letter, at which point your course account will be temporarily suspended. We reserve the right to recover any outstanding amounts using the card details on file or the card used for your initial deposit. We may attempt to charge the stored card details if there is a payment failure, chargeback, or when a scheduled payment is due. We provide electronic receipts for each successful payment.

Refund and Cancellations Policy

At Nordic Fitness Education, we prioritize transparency and fairness. If you wish to cancel any of  NPTC courses, please provide written notice. Refunds are only available for reasons of illness and will be processed within 14 days of cancellation.

  • Refunds are applicable only upon written notice from the learner and solely for reasons of illness.
  • NASM courses are not refundable

Initiating a Cancellation

To cancel a course, please get in touch with our customer service team at info@nordicfitnesseducation.net during office hours, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please note that we will not accept cancellations via SMS, or post.

Exceptions and Cancellation Fees

We will consider individual cancellations that deviate from our standard terms. Such cases may incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining course balance, payable as a one-time settlement to close the account.

Student Conduct

Behavioral Expectations

We expect you to adhere to high standards of behavior that contribute to a respectful and productive learning environment. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Respectful Communication: Engage in respectful and constructive dialogue with tutors, staff and fellow students. We do not tolerate disrespectful language, insults, or derogatory comments.
  • Active Participation: Contribute positively to the course by participating in discussions, group activities, and assignments.
  • Integrity and Honesty: Approach all coursework and interactions with integrity, honesty, and a commitment to academic excellence.
  • Punctuality: Respect everyone's time by adhering to course schedules, assignment deadlines, 1-to-1 video calls, and virtual classroom attendance.
  • Confidentiality: You must maintain the confidentiality of any personal or sensitive information shared within the course by fellow students. For example, information and data gathered from fitness consultations.

Prohibited Activities

We strictly prohibit certain activities within its courses to ensure a safe and conducive learning atmosphere. Violating these rules may result in disciplinary action, including expulsion from the course, without a refund. Prohibited activities include:

  • Plagiarism: Submitting someone else's work as your own, partially or in full, without proper attribution. This includes copying content from the internet, books, or other sources without citation. Using ChatGPT or similar AI to complete assignments unless otherwise instructed is also plagiarism.
  • Harassment: Engaging in harassment, bullying, or discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, or other characteristics. This includes verbal, physical, or cyber harassment.
  • Sharing Login Information: Distributing your course login credentials to others. Your account is for your personal use only to protect the course content's integrity and its participants' privacy.
  • Cheating: Using unauthorised materials, receiving unauthorised assistance during examinations, or completing assignments.
  • Disruptive Behaviour: Behaving in a manner that disrupts the learning environment, including excessive interruptions, using offensive language, or actions that detract from the focus of the course.
  • Violation of Copyright: Illegally distributing copyrighted course materials or using such materials without authorisation.

Following these guidelines is essential for keeping a respectful, engaging, and beneficial learning environment for everyone involved. We dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve your educational goals and uphold the highest standards of conduct.

Student Support


Upon completing enrolment, NPTC Pure students gain access to e-resources tailored to support Level 2 Fitness assistant, Level 3 Fitness Instructor and Level 4 Personal Trainer qualifications. These resources meet your learning needs, and we recommend you adhere to the course recommended schedule to complete the course within 27 weeks. However, learning is self-paced, and students drive their timetable. Please note that students have up to 12 months (365 days) to complete the Level 2 Fitness assistant, Level 3 Fitness Instructor and Level 4 Personal Trainer qualifications. For those requiring additional time, a 3-month extension is available for a fee of €150. Students can enhance their learning experience by purchasing an additional virtual classroom.

NPTC Plus and Pro Programmes Support

Learners enrolled in the NPTC Plus and Pro programmes are assigned a tutor who facilitates student development through virtual classrooms. Programmes are. The NPTC Plus and Pro programmes foster collaboration, enhance the learning experience through interactive engagement and deepen understanding of concepts. This approach increases motivation and provides a more enjoyable and stimulating learning environment than solitary study. The learner support team remains actively involved, marking assignments and offering feedback. Students have the option to book a 15-minute video call for further support. NPTC Pro students benefit from 1-2-1 content delivery. 

Additional Attempt:

In our NPTC programs, three assessment attempts are included. Any further attempts beyond this will incur a fee of 25 euros per assessment.


The NPTC Plus and Pro programmes incorporate several CPDs, which is accessible to you upon completing the Level 4 Personal Trainer course. This qualification operates on an on-demand basis with a limited tutor leadership. However, our learner support team maintains a proactive approach, ensuring the timely submission, marking, and feedback of assignments. 

List of CPDs offered by Nordic Fitness Education:

Nordic Fitness Nutrition Coach

Nordic Sleep Recovery Coach

NASM - Youth Exercise Specialist

NASM - Senior Fitness Specialist

NASM - Women's Fitness Specialist

NASM - Performance Enhancement Specialist 

Additional Courses and Support

Beyond the NPTC options, we provide a diverse portfolio of courses, primarily available On-Demand unless expressly indicated otherwise. Each course features a dedicated community for the exchange of ideas. Additionally, our learner support team plays a pivotal role in your development, actively monitoring your progress, offering assignment guidance, evaluating your submissions, and allowing you to schedule 15-minute video calls for further assistance.

Learner Support Team Engagement

The learner support team adopts a proactive approach, regularly engaging with NPTC Pure, Plus, and Pro students to provide support and mark course assignments. If you submit the assignments on time, we will return marked assignments with feedback within seven working days. If you submit assignments on a Friday, we will mark them by the following week since we do not count Saturdays and Sundays as working days. Additionally, you can book a 15-minute video call for extra assistance.

These terms and conditions for student support ensure all learners access the necessary resources and assistance to complete their fitness qualifications with us. Our commitment to proactive support and flexible learning options aims to provide a conducive and enriching educational experience.

Practical Training and Observation Days: Booking, Attendance, and Cancellation Policies

  • Our NPTC Pro programme provides a valuable 1-2-1 live classroom. To confirm your preferred date and time, email lee@nordicfitnesseducation.net.

    We will send you a reminder email ahead of your scheduled training day. Students must confirm their attendance or cancel as soon as possible if they cannot attend. If you fail to give 48 hours notice for a cancellation, you will incur a €65 charge, which you must settle before we consider any new booking requests.

    We retain the flexibility to adjust 1-2-1 classrooms, including making minor changes, to ensure the highest quality of training. We commit to notifying you promptly of any such adjustments. Additionally, we reserve the right to add or remove 1-2-1 classrooms as necessary. If we discontinue a 1-2-1 classroom, we will immediately inform you and offer alternative options.

Appeals Procedure

  • We ensure fairness and transparency in all assessment decisions. We recognise your right to appeal if dissatisfied with an assessment outcome. This appeal procedure applies to all our courses and is structured in stages to ensure a comprehensive review.

Stage 1: Initial Appeal

If you believe an assessment decision is unfair, please email your initial appeal to our Internal Verifier at IV@NORDICFITNESSEDUCATION.NET. The Internal Verifier seeks to resolve the issue internally. If the resolution leaves you unsatisfied, we advise you to proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2: Formal Appeal

To escalate your appeal, submit a formal request in writing to us via email at IV@NORDICFITNESSEDUCATION.NET . You must fill out our Student Appeals Application Form, providing the following information:

  • Your name and contact details (address and telephone numbers)
  • The date the appeal was first reported to the center
  • Grounds for the appeal
  • Provide a detailed account of the situation, including dates and what was assessed.
  • What action has been taken, and what is your desired outcome?

Please attach all relevant written documentation from the initial assessment. Including video evidence can significantly strengthen your appeal. The Lead Verifier, Peter Davies, will acknowledge receipt of your formal appeal within 10 working days.

Stage 3: Faculty Review

Should you wish to contest an assessment decision further, you must submit a written notice to education director Rosa Leepänen at ed@nordicfitnesseducation.net 7 days after receiving the initial notification. Your notice should outline your intention to appeal and the basis for it. Subsequently, provide a detailed case in writing within an additional fourteen days.

NFE education director will review your submission and the assessment material for final grading in consultation with the internal verifier and quality manager. Their decision is final, and they will inform you of the outcome in writing.

Stage 4: Copy of Appeals Policy

If you wish to review our full appeals policy and procedure, please request a copy by sending a written request to Rosa Leepänen at ed@nordicfitnesseducation.net .

Our structured appeals process ensures fair and prompt addressing of your concerns, maintaining the integrity of our assessments and qualifications.

Privacy Policy

Data Collection and Use

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our students and website visitors. By the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we collect, use, and protect personal information in the following ways:

  • Collection: We collect personal data when you enrol in our courses, use our website, or interact with us directly. This data may include your name, email address, phone number, payment information, and any other details necessary to provide you with our services.

  • Use: We use your data to process enrollments, manage your account, deliver our courses, communicate with you about your course progress, respond to inquiries, and improve our services. We may also use your information to send you promotional offers and news about our courses, subject to your consent.

  • Protection: We implement robust security measures to protect your data from unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction. We store data on secure servers and limit access to authorised personnel.

Third-Party Sharing

  • Service Providers: We may share your data with third-party providers to facilitate our services, such as payment processing, website hosting, and email communication. Confidentiality agreements bind these providers, prohibiting them from using your data for any purpose other than the services they provide to us.

  • Legal Obligations: If law requires, we may disclose your information to law enforcement, regulatory authorities, or as part of legal proceedings.

  • Consent: Outside of the above circumstances, we will not share your data with third parties without your explicit consent.

Your Rights

  • Under the DPA 2018 and GDPR, you have rights concerning your data, including the right to access, correct, delete, or restrict the use of your data. You also have the right to object to certain processing activities and to receive a copy of your data in a portable format. If you wish to exercise any of these rights or have questions about our privacy practices, please get in touch with us.

    This Privacy Policy outlines how we handle your data. By enrolling in our courses or using our services, you agree to collect and use your information as described. We may update this policy occasionally and encourage you to review it regularly.

    If you need more information or have concerns about our use of your data, please get in touch with us at info@nordicfitnesseducation.net .