Nordic Sleep Recovery Coach

This innovative, online course addresses a vital need within the skills toolbox of all health, fitness, and wellness professionals; the ability to coach an individual to develop optimal sleep-related habits and behaviours.  But is this skill needed?

Despite 71% of adults having sufficient time within their daily schedule, 54% still struggle to achieve sufficient quantity and quality of sleep each night to function optimally. Sleep coaching is a highly effective solution to resolving this problem. Could you make a positive difference and help people wake up feeling energetic, happy, and alert each morning? Get registered online today and be part of the sleep solution!





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As a Nordic Sleep Recovery Coach, you will be able to help your clients maintain and rebuild a strong daily physiological foundation that will enhance their efforts and abilities to achieve all their important goals and objectives.

How much do we really value sleep in modern society? All too often, television, emails, work tasks, social media, browsing the internet, socialising, and even household chores are a higher priority that displaces needed sleep. 

The recommended minimum sleep requirements is  7 hours per night, with many adults needing more than this. But does a full night’s sleep really matter? Many may feel they can function on less. But what happens when the occasional short night of sleep starts to become the habitual norm? The scientific literature is full of evidence about the long-term impact of limited sleep. The effects on our health can be substantial! 

  • Increased risk of being overweight
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular health problems
  • Increased risk of diabetes
  • Increased risk of stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Reduced cognitive performance
  • Even reduced life-expectancy
These elevated risks from lack of sleep provide a strong justification why sleep improvement should be a personal priority for health and wellbeing. It is common to seek expert help from a fitness coach or  a nutrition advisor, so why not a sleep coach?. The rate of sleep problems is high, but the availability of certified sleep coaches to assist is still low. Get certified and start earning an income by helping the sleep deprived sleep better!

Course overview:

Nordic Sleep Recovery Coach

Sleep has a significant bearing on how we feel and function, including how we respond to fitness training and physical performance. You will learn about the prevalence of sleep problems, the connection between poor sleep and health problems, detailed sleep physiology, how sleep benefits exercise and physical recovery, how to analyse sleep using a range of scientifically validated methods, and how to implement effective sleep improvement strategies.

We believe that health, fitness, wellness, and lifestyle professionals around the globe already have regular access and positive interaction with the general public through their existing clubs and services. This is an excellent avenue to also have a significant impact on improving sleep-related habits and behaviours.

The NSRC online certificate is the result of extensive research and education development to help provide you with an engaging learning journey underpinned by verified and established scientific data. We recognise that expert health, fitness, wellness, and lifestyle professionals need to develop a broad range of knowledge and practical skills to provide a first-class and competitive service. Register today and add sleep coaching to your skill set. 

Entry requirements

The Nordic Sleep Recovery Coach certification and been designed to  benefit and broaden knowledge and skills for a range of health, fitness wellness, and lifestyle professionals. 


The only entry requirements are that individuals already have a foundational qualification in their respective, related field of expertise. The course investigates and expands on scientific data, discusses important physiological concepts, and proposes effective coaching methods and tools. Therefore, it would be helpful that interested students are comfortable with learning content at this level of detail. 

Course recognition

The Nordic Sleep Recovery Coach course is fully endorsed by Europe Active / EREPs as part of their professional development Lifelong Learning Programme. It carries the maximum 10 hour credit points allowed within the EREPs professional development process.


The course is also recognised by leading fitness industry organisations such as NFPT, FAE, REPS Malta and ICREPs. This means the door is open to use this qualification internationally.

We are here to help you

NFE strives to be supportive to all registered students. We care about helping you reach your goals. We strive to be readily available to you (within certain parameters) throughout your studies. Throughout the Nordic Sleep Recovery Coach certificate, you may be able to communicate with our support team via one the following possible options:

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Video Call

What will you learn in this course?


  • 1 Modern sleep problems

  • 2 Sleep physiology

  • 3 Sleep: Performance and recovery

  • 4 Sleep analysis

  • 5 SLEEPS strategy

  • 4 x Sleep expert interviews

Dr Erna Arnardóttir

The impact of sleep deprivation on human health

Elite sleep coach, Nick Littlehales

The sleep environment and sleep products

Dr Russell Foster

The importance of light exposure on sleep

Dr Ian Dunican

Managing long-distance travel and jet lag

What are the topics and content covered within this course?

Learning and assessment

Students and required to successfully study and complete of all 5 lessons, including the 4 expert interviews, as well as pass the 5 end-of-lesson online quizzes. In addition, learners must also successfully navigate and complete the final case study online exam that assesses the ability to analyse and apply the knowledge and skills learned during the course. 

The pass mark for all of the assessments is set at 70%. Your learning journey will be carefully tracked, and the final course grade will be awarded after of the completion of all content, quizzes, and the final case study exam. The 6 assessments are then aggregated into one final course grade where the student must also reach a minimum 70% to be awarded the digital Nordic Sleep Recovery Coach certificate.


Video lessons






Other study

Are you already a Health ,Fitness, Wellness, or Lifestyle Professional? Could advancing your knowledge and skills boost your career?

Obtaining optimal sleep is considered the 3rd major pillar of health. Recent research suggests that the body uses sleep time to remove toxins and metabolic “trash” from the brain (possibly including the plaques that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease). Habitual short sleep duration is associated with greater risk of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and cardiovascular disease. (Health and Nutrition Letter 2020).

  • Extend your expert influence beyond exercise and/or nutrition

  • Manage body weight, appetite and cravings more successfully

  • Improve client daily energy levels and mental focus

  • Optimise post exercise muscle growth, repair, and recovery

  • Strengthen your skills relevant to your target market

  • Help address the prevealent sleep deficiency in society