Nordic Fitness Nutrition Coach

As a NFNC you will be able to coach your clients to make healthier, sustainable food choices through gradual nutrition education and supportive behaviour change strategies.





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The Nordic Fitness Nutrition Coach qualification is designed to provide the modern fitness professional or fitness enthusiast with an in-depth knowledge of key nutrition and dietary concepts. The course emphasises real-world application of the theoretical  knowledge to ensure the client knows what food to consume and when to eat it. Students will learn how to carefully analyse a client’s food diary, how to set effective goals and guide them through correctly-paced dietary strategies. 

Nordic Fitness Nutrition Coach

Course overview:

This is a must-have nutrition qualification for anyone working within the fitness industry who wants to further their nutrition knowledge and skills beyond the basic content taught in their fitness instructor or personal trainer certification.

The Nordic Fitness Nutrition Coach (NFNC) will enable learners to further expand their knowledge of healthy eating practices, macronutrients, and micronutrient sufficiency. It will specifically strengthen their understanding of matching eating and nutrition needs to the type of exercise, sport, or activity required by the client. Students will also improve their dietary analysis skills and learn how to plan for and manage the application of personalised dietary strategies that will help to realise the client’s exercise and lifestyle goals.

So, help your clients move more efficiently towards their health and fitness goals by levelling up your nutrition skills. Register for the NFNC online course today. 

Entry requirements

This qualification is suitable for fitness professionals who already have basic nutrition knowledge, such as the nutrition content taught within level 3 fitness instructor, or level 4 personal trainer certifications. This course may be viewed as a more advanced level of nutrition knowledge for fitness professionals. 

Course recognition

The NFNC course is fully endorsed by Europe Active / EREPs as part of their professional development Lifelong Learning Programme. It is also recognised by leading fitness industry organisations such as NFPT and ICREPS. This means the door is open to use this qualification internationally. Delivered via online learning, this flexible training programme combines digital home study with online tutor support, bespoke learning resources, and thorough assessment processes.

We are here to help

NFE strives to be supportive to all registered students. We care about helping you reach your goals. We strive to be readily available to you (within certain parameters)  throughout your studies. You will also have career support beyond graduation. Throughout the Nordic Fitness Nutrition Coach, you may be able to communicate with your support tutor via one the following possible options:

  • Phone

  • email

  • Video Call

What you will learn

During the certification learners will cover the following topics:

Key objectives for this course

Are you already a certified Fitness Professional? Could advancing your knowledge and skills help your career?

Nutrition and diet is one of the 3 major pillars of health. 58% of clients are reported to seek assistance regarding nutrition advice from a fitness professional, but only 61% report feeling confident in the nutrition advice offered (Mitchell et al. 2020). Progress your nutrition knowledge and skills to the next level and increase client confidence in your diet coaching abilities.

The benefits of being an effective nutrition coach includes:

  • Extending your expert influence beyond exercise and fitness

  • Managing energy and calorie balance more accurately

  • Increase client energy levels to invest in the exercise programme

  • Optimise client nutrition sufficiency levels

  • Strengthen your skills relevant to your niche or target market

  • Nutrition can underpin exciting new product or service offerings

Become one of the fitness professionals who are currently working alongside some of the industry’s leading leisure, health, and fitness employers.

Learning and assessment

The Nordic Fitness Nutrition Coach course is split into 9 lessons which are assessed in a variety of theoretical and practical ways, including 7 online quizzes and a final case study exam. Remember, you are not alone. Our team of expert tutors will be available to support you all the way through to a successful outcome.

To get a better feel for what to expect as a student on the NFNC course, please watch the orientation video above.


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