Certified Fitness Coach

Do you want to get started in a fitness career quickly, but need a professional certification? The Certified Fitness Coach is your answer!





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Fitness Coach quick-start qualification

During this online course you will learn about skeletal and muscular anatomy and physiology, as well as cardiorespiratory function. This will establish sufficient understanding of the fundamental systems that develop and change during exercise and physical activity. In addition, the course will also teach about the coaching role, principles of fitness, and a wide range of skills needed to be an effective fitness coach within a professional setting, such as in a gym or fitness club.

Course overview: Fitness Coach

The Certified Fitness Coach has 15 sections of online learning and 10 assessments that need to be completed.

Sections 1 to 3, and sections 7 to 14, have short online quizzes that must be passed as part of the certification. There are also two further assignments, a fitness plan and a practical video coaching session, that need to be completed to show understanding of the knowledge and skills obtained within the module. All content and assessment must be completed within the 6-week course allowance.

The video offers a sample of education contained within the Certified Fitness Coach online course. 

Entry requirements

There are no specific entry requirements, but as the course is taught completely in English, a sufficient ability to learn, write, and speak in this language is essential. 


This Fitness Coach course includes a selection of learning materials that are equivalent to level 3 fitness standards.

Note: This course is designed to provide a basic level of competent coaching skills within a short time-frame. This does not cover all the learning content required to be a professional Level 3 Fitness Instructor Certification

We are here to help you

NFE strives to be supportive to all registered students. We care about helping you reach your goals. We strive to be readily available to you (within certain parameters)  throughout your studies. Throughout the Certified Fitness Coach, you may be able to communicate with your support tutor via one the following possible options:

  • Phone

  • email

  • Video Call

What will you learn in this course?

From theory to practical application, you will learn exactly what it takes to become a competent Fitness Coach. Below is a selection of the topics you’ll cover in this course:

What are the Objectives of this course?

To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to:

Learning and assessment

The course contains 14 lessons which are each assessed in a variety of theoretical and practical ways, including short, online quizzes and practical video coaching assessments. 

Remember, you are not alone. Our team of expert tutors will be available to support you all the way through to a successful outcome.

To get a better feel for what to expect as a student on the Certified Fitness Coach, please watch the orientation video above.







Considering a career as a registered Fitness Professional? Already working in fitness and seeking to upskill?

Now is an excellent time to consider embarking on a fresh, new career as a Certified Personal Trainer. The European fitness industry has exhibited steady growth for many years. Following the Covid19 pandemic the industry has stabilised and is now growing strongly once again. 

There are numerous benefits to embracing a new career as a professional Personal Trainer:

  • Experience a very high level of job satisfaction

  • Enjoy a career in a field you are passionate about

  • Work in a gym, as a mobile trainer, or as an online coach

  • Build a successful network of health & fitness professionals

  • Work with a diverse range of fascinating clientele

  • Specialise in a unique or niche area of expertise

  • Adapt your earning potential to your needs and circumstances

  • Manage your own business

  • Mentor a team of personal trainers as your business grows

Find out more about becoming a fully registered, Level 4 coach via our

Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate

Become one of the fitness professionals who are currently working alongside some of the industry’s leading leisure, health, and fitness employers.

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