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Course Overview

Would you like to experience our high-quality online fitness education for free?

This short online course (60-90 minutes duration) offers a great way to learn some underpinning anatomical knowledge and key communication skills to effectively coach a range of selected, fundamental resistance training exercises. Register today and get started immediately!

The course is designed to help deliver fascinating, free training insights that include:

  • Joint and muscle anatomy for the shoulder and hip
  • A selection of coaching skills for effective instruction
  • Basic programming rules for exercise selection, ordering, and phase of training
  • Optimal technique for 8 fundamental resistance training exercises

Whether you are an individual gym enthusiast, already training with a friend or partner, or have been considering a career in the fitness industry, this free course may be just what you need to generate some momentum! Best of all you can complete it in just one evening! Register now and get started within minutes.

The course content for the Introduction to Personal Training is drawn from a small selection of lessons taught within our comprehensive online course, the Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate. If you are interested in becoming a European Level 4 certified fitness professional then please consider the full length NPTC programme as a high quality, online solution to help you realise that dream within just a few months.

Important note: The free Introduction to Personal Training online course does not qualify you to be a certified fitness professional, it simply provides a small sample of the online education that is taught within our larger personal trainer certification. If you are interested in becoming professionally certified we invite you to review the details for the full Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate.

Could you become a fully certified, skilled Fitness Professional? Keep reading to find out more about our full Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate

Governments continue to emphasise the importance of health and fitness as an answer to combating chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. There is no better time to consider a career as a Fitness Professional. This field anticipates an increase of up to 24,000 new fitness trainers across Europe within the next 10 years. The industry continues to thrive in its efforts to meet the demand for physical activity, exercise, and weight management. 

The benefits to having a career as a Fitness Professional include:

  • Work within a gym or open a fitness business

  • Choose to be employed, licensed, or self-employed

  • Reach clients further afield by becoming an online personal trainer

  • Manage the freedom and pace of your work

  • Work with a wide range of different clientele

  • Develop your talents and specialise in a niche fitness market

  • Mentor other trainers and build a team of experts under your own brand

Become one of the successful Fitness Professionals who are already working with the fitness industry’s leading health, leisure, and physical activity employers.

NFE has an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars as our average course feedback rating on TrustPilot. Students enjoy our courses for many different reasons, such as:

  • high quality content and delivery
  • freedom to fit study around their working life
  • Great tutor support

The video below shares just a few of our graduates thoughts with regards to their experience on the Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate. 

Comparison of traditional classroom learning with the NPTC online learning experience

Find out more about the Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate

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Abraham Maslow

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