Registration Process

The NFE registration process is designed with three aims in mind:

Prior to registration, each learner will be given access to all the information necessary to have a clear idea of the course content, what to expect as an active student, and what is required to graduate.

To consider the individual needs of each learner to help provide a fair and equal opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete the course.

To make the course application process intuitive and straightforward in order to ensure the correct information is provided to NFE in a timely manner without excess stress to the learner.

Course Entry Requirements

Registration steps:


All interested learners must complete the online application form. Application fee is included in the final price .


After reviewing your application, a member of our registration team will follow up with you by email or telephone.


Once your application has been approved, you must select and complete your payment to confirm you place on the course: 

  1. Pay full course fee in a single payment
  2. Pay for the course via regular installments

Courses may be paid by debit/credit card through the online booking page (PayPal).


Once your booking has been made you will be registered with the exam board. You will be granted access to your e-learning student account which will allow you to begin your studies. (Note: some learners will be required to wait for the set course start date). 

At this point, your initial payment and any subsequent installments are strictly non-refundable.


Any course fees, or the remaining balance of your course fees, must be settled in full prior to receiving your successful certification.