The Role of a Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer: Job Description

A personal trainer (PT) is a professionally certified health and fitness expert that coaches clients in accordance with their health, fitness, dietary, or lifestyle needs. PT's gather relevant, detailed client information, determine basic health, assess client fitness, discuss goals and objectives and then work together with each client to develop a strategy and plan of action to move the individual towards their intended target. PT coaching sessions may likely include cardiovascular fitness training, resistance training, flexibility training, nutrition and dietary behaviour change, physical activity adjustments, and the application of other related, specialised skills.

Typical personal trainer tasks / activities

  • Create and develop effective PT marketing campaigns, social media, and advertising

  • Sell personal training services and products to interested marketing leads and existing customers

  • Ensure appropriate duty of care and paperwork relating to client readiness to exercise, health and safety, informed consent, and data protection

  • Collect necessary client information relating to health, exercise history, goals, barriers to exercise

  • Carry out appropriate exercise assessments to establish client fitness and skill level

  • Analyse and interpret all client information to accurately inform potential actions

  • Identify, agree and review short, medium and long term goals to ensure the effectiveness of exercise programmes and other improvement strategies

  • Design and develop both long and short-term exercise programmes in accordance with the needs of each client

  • Coach and instruct each client through specific exercise programmes ensuring safety, good technique, and appropriate intensity and volume are achieved

  • Manage and optimise the use of the fitness training environment

  • Provide clients with accurate and appropriate advice on the principles of healthy nutrition and weight management

  • Apply effective strategies to motivate clients to begin and adhere to an exercise, dietary, or behaviour change process

  • Deliver good customer service and be a positive role model at all times

  • Promote regular physical activity outside of the gym and encourage the inclusion of other healthy and appropriate lifestyle changes

  • Where necessary refer specific clients to a more appropriately qualified health professional

  • Work within the professional parameters and established scope of practice outlined for a Level 4 personal trainer