Tutor team

Nordic Fitness Education benefit from the services of a highly professional and expert team of tutors, assessors, verifiers and course developers gathered from around the fitness industry. These leading experts collectively have 220+ years experience working in the fitness industry, with 140+ years of education and tutoring experience as well. This wealth of knowledge and experience is a testament to the importance of providing our students with the very best support. 

David Parker

Senior Tutor

David has more than 27 years experience working within the fitness industry, with 22 years in fitness education. He has taught and certified 1000´s of students and has a vast wealth of knowledge and skills making him one of the top fitness professionals in the UK. As well as being an elite personal trainer, Dave also specialises in strength and conditioning for youth, and is a highly sought after functional fitness trainer with an in-depth knowledge of postural correction and multi-functional movement training.

Nikos Skevis, BSc


Nikos has 16 years experience in the fitness industry with 14 of those years working within health and fitness education. In addition to his Sports Science degree and being an advanced personal trainer, Nikos has a broad range of professional certifications and skills, including sports massage therapy, performance exercise specialist, corrective exercise specialist, and exercise referral.

Karsten Jensen, MSc


Karsten is an elite strength coach with more than 25 years experience in the health and fitness industry. He has worked closely with numerous Danish sports federations training elite athletes, including volleyball, badminton, triathlon, martial arts, wrestling, and motor cross racing. In addition to his Masters degree in exercise physiology, Karsten is a certified personal trainer, and also a CHEK level 3 practitioner. He has been directly involved in developing and delivering fitness education workshops and courses since 2011.

Kevin Aisthorpe


With 30 years experience working within the fitness industry and 22 years in health and fitness education, Kevin is a highly experienced fitness tutor, assessor, and internal verifier. He specialises in personal training, nutrition, circuit training, and sports massage therapy.

Alan Curry


Following his military career, Alan moved into health and fitness and has built an impressive resume with 27 years in the industry specialising in personal training, advanced nutrition, circuit training, exercise for older adults, and elite cycle coaching. Alan has been managing his own fitness studio for over 15 years and has been tutoring for at least 4 years.

Pippa Yarworth, MA


Pippa has 30 years experience in the health and fitness industry with a further 18 years specialising as a tutor/assessor/verifier and as an education quality assurance officer. in addition to quality assurance, Pippa's fitness expertise includes a range of group fitness modalities, exercise to music, yoga, fitness instruction, exercise referral, and nutrition.

Jill Calvert, BSc


JIll has been actively working in the fitness industry since 2007, accruing 15 years of experience as a personal trainer, Crossfitter, group exercise instructor, strength and conditioning coach, nutrition advisor, pre and post natal instructor, and exercise referral instructor. Jill has been tutoring in the industry for over 5 years in a range of different capacities.

Zeina Nour


Zeina has been working in the fitness industry for 7 years, with 4 of those years in education and tutoring. She specialises in personal training, CrossFit, kickboxing, spinning, strength and conditioning, and Olympic lifting.

Other key team members

Peter Davies

Following a 30 year career in the police force, Peter reinvented himself with a second career in health and fitness, beginning in 2002. Now with 20 years health and fitness experience he excels as one of the leading quality assurance officers within fitness education. Pete oversees all NFE quality assurance. His broad skill set includes personal training, fitness instruction, pre and post natal training, exercise referral, and exercise in the management of low back pain. <BR><BR>

Ben Pratt

Ben Pratt

BSc, MSc

With 27 years of continuous work within the health and fitness industry, and almost 2 decades specifically within education, Ben has become an internationally respected course content developer. Ben is the author of more than 10 fitness certifications, including NFE's online Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate. He specialises in personal training, advanced nutrition, sleep coaching, suspension training, kettlebell training, postural analysis and corrective exercise, and functional training.