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Bias, misconception, and public health Part 2 – Episode 57 with Dr Dan Jolley & Dr Alex De Lyon


Summary: Referral and critical thinking

We are back for the 2nd part of this important discussion with the PT Dr’s, Dan & Alex. Having established in part 1 the prevalent bias and deep-rooted fitness misconceptions that continue to impact the wider industry, and recognising the ever-increasing public health needs, we go deeper down the rabbit hole to weigh up the role of client referral to other qualified specialists. In a never-ending information age, we will likely benefit from a more analytical fitness workforce who can think critically and seek reliable scientific evidence before laying down a solid, unbreakable knowledge and belief construct that strongly influences their coaching and behaviours. So, let’s get to it: referral and critical thinking!

Guest biographies

Dr Alex De Lyon

Dr Alex De Lyon: an internationally accredited Personal Trainer and Health & Exercise Specialist with over 14 years of experience in health and fitness. He holds a PhD in the field of Sport & Exercise Science, an MSc in Sport & Exercise Psychology, and a First-Class degree in Sports Coaching & Performance. Alex’s research has explored the role of fitness professionals in public health, with a particular focus on the knowledge, skills and qualities required of personal trainers. His work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, presented internationally, and included in fitness and leisure reports. Alex has worked on projects with The English Football Association, The Lawn Tennis Association and The British Academy.
Alex’s PT website

Dr Dan Jolley

Dr Dan Jolley: course coordinator for Fitness at South Metropolitan TAFE, in Perth, Western Australia. He teaches professional fitness certifications in Australia. Dan completed a PhD in Educational Psychology, looking at the knowledge, and sources of information, of personal trainers. He has also earned a BSc in Exercise Science, and an MSc in Exercise Physiology. Dan has worked as a strength and conditioning coach in cricket and Australian Football. He represented Australia in American Football as both a player and coach and was the strength and conditioning lead for the men’s national team for the 2011 & 2015 World Championships.
Dan’s website: Critical fitness

Episode content: Referral and critical thinking

In the second half of this discussion, Dan and Alex delve deeper into the importance of the scope of professional practice and balancing this with referral as well as the need to develop critical thinking skills.

  • 0:34 Episode 1 highlights
  • 2:05 Poor health demographic increases chance of clients needing referral – should trainers remain tightly within their scope of practice
  • 10:24 The importance of critical analysis skills
  • 15:11 More than a consumer of information, become a critical thinker
  • 21:55 Can fitness trainers have a bigger impact on public health? 
  • 29:40 Balancing bias and misconception whilst empowering the fitness profession to upskill and manage public health needs
  • 36:38 Final thoughts

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