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Diet and exercise for thyroid problems – Episode 53 with Dr Alan Christianson



The rate of thyroid problems is increasing in the Western world. More people are struggling with their weight, metabolism, energy and health and many do not yet realise the source of the problem! Often those who have a diagnosis of thyroid disease, such as hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s disease, have yet to find a lasting solution to return to good health. Dr Christianson joins us on the podcast to reveal a fascinating solution that can benefit up to 80% of those who suffer from low thyroid function. Diet and exercise for thyroid problems can help restore health, fitness, and wellbeing after all!

Guest biography

Dr Alan Christianson is a certified Naturopathic doctor and the founder of the Endocrine Association of Naturopathic Physicians. He has been running his Integrative Health clinic since 1996 and has become a renowned name in the field of natural hormonal health and wellness, with more specific specialization in thyroid and adrenal disorders. He is the author of the several books, including the bestselling books, The Adrenal Reset Diet (2015), the Metabolism Reset Diet (2019), and now his latest publication The Thyroid Reset Diet (2021).

Dr Alan Christianson: Naturopathic Doctor

Episode content: Diet and exercise for thyroid problems

This thyroid is relatively small, but powerful gland can impact virtually every cell in the human body. If you have concerns about your metabolism, weight, or health in general, or you work with clients who may need support in this area, then episode 53 is a MUST listen! Topics include:

  • 1:56 Why listen to this episode of the Fit to Succeed show?
  • 3:17 Prevalence of thyroid problems
  • 5:11 Thyroid disease as an autoimmune condition
  • 6:52 Why females suffer more from Thyroid conditions
  • 9:48 Clear signs and symptoms of thyroid disease without a lab test
  • 13:02 The relevance of Dr C’s thyroid quiz
  • 15:33 Low thyroid as diagnosed by lab numbers
  • 17:27 How low thyroid can affect fitness training
  • 19:03 Interaction between low thyroid and adrenal health and stress
  • 21:01 Exercise recommendations for thyroid disease
  • 22:40 Weight gain and the responsibility of the thyroid
  • 26:14 Does low-carb eating impact thyroid function?
  • 32:17 The connection between iodine and low thyroid
  • 37:44 How to manage dietary iodine when food software does not include it
  • 44:04 Personal care products may also contain iodine and lead to excess

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