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Nutrition coaching is an art – Episode 37 with Ben Coomber



There is a whole lot more to nutrition coaching than just learning the theory and factual knowledge! Becoming an exceptional coach is a completely different ball game. Leading nutrition coach, Ben Coomber, joins us for episode 37 to reveal the importance of combining the skills of ongoing nutrition learning together with good coaching.

Guest biography

Ben is a nutritionist, fitness professional, educator and speaker and has the UK’s number 1 health and fitness podcast Ben Coomber radio. Since he graduated with a BSc in Sports Performance and Coaching in 2010, Ben has helped thousands of people achieve their goals through his courses, books, blogs, videos and social media.

Ben also educates personal trainers and coaches via the BTN Academy, recently collaborating with Active IQ to create a Level 4 certification in Nutrition Coaching. He has also developed his own brand of Awesome Supplements. Through hard work and dedication, Ben has grown a social media following of 140,000 to date and is on a mission to help change the health of the world.

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Episode content: Nutrition coaching

In this episode we discuss a range of fascinating topics, including these key areas:

  • 1:06: Why Ben chose to specialise in nutrition
  • 2:56: How Ben changed his diet to bring about significant weight loss
  • 7:18: the primary principles that underpin the teachings of the BTN academy
  • 9:53: Does the Hippocratic statement ‘First do no harm’ have relevance to nutrition coaching?
  • 13:25: How does a nutrition practitioner keep up with the changing science and swings in public opinion?
  • 16:10: Nutrition theory can only get us so far – the implementation of nutrition is key
  • 20:40: Nutrition coaching is an art form
  • 27:13: Is personal experience of change necessary to become a good coach?
  • 37:36: the common environmental stumbling blocks to making change
  • 38:04: clients can get swept up in the diet and fitness preferences and practices of their nutrition or fitness coach

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