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Belief and mindset matters – Episode 7 with Jon Burgess

jon-burgess-belief-and-mindset-fit -to-succeed-podcast


Being successful in life and as a fitness professional requires a positive belief and mindset. This truth is easy enough to say, but trickier to put into practice. Leading fitness professional, Jon Burgess, shares his views and experience in developing a well of positive belief and mindset to apply to his business and to support his clients.

Guest biography

Jon is a leading health and fitness professional with over 20 years’ experience engaged in one to one personal training, health and lifestyle coaching. He also delivers workplace wellness workshops and wellness days. Jon has a nutritional supplement business focused on helping people enjoy elite health. He seeks to support gut health and the micro-biome whilst teaching others to do the same.  Jon is an example of someone who had a clear vision for what he wanted his business to be and then worked hard to create it. He has guided and coached 1000’s of clients in the process and has really learned in the trenches how to run and develop a successful business. Jon has been featured in national magazines and on regional BBC radio. Always trying to move forward, Jon balances his work life with his family, is happily married and has 2 daughters.

jon-burgess-belief-and-mindset-fit -to-succeed-podcast
Jon Burgess, wellbeing coach

Episode content: Belief and mindset

  • motivational factors to keep focused in the early stages of a fitness career
  • how Jon overcame his early struggles when he came close to burn-out
  • the power of self-belief to help energise performance
  • mindset defined
  • how to support clients who are stuck in a negative mindset
  • key steps for utilising mindset to help a business flourish

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Episode links

During this episode, we refer to the book Strength Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. This also links to an online assessment tool to help you determine your own key strengths – here is the link to the Gallups Strength Centre. Please note the Strength Finder assessment charges a fee if you do not have the book which provides an access code.

Jon also refers to the highly-rated book, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, as his favourite self-help success book.