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Do our daily meal times matter? Episode 43 with Danny Lennon



It has been well established that the quantity and the quality of food that we eat can have a significant impact on our health, but what about the time of day we choose to eat? Does that matter? In our modern, busy world, meal timing is likely lower down our priority list, if it even made it onto the list in the first place. Food is often squeezed into the 24-hour rat race just to keep the engine running. Danny Lennon joins us to discuss chrono-nutrition and why emerging science is teaching us that meal times do matter in our overall diet and daily habits.

Guest biography

Danny is the founder of Sigma Nutrition and the host of Sigma Nutrition Radio, a highly rated podcast on iTunes. He has a master’s degree (MSc.) in Nutritional Sciences from University College Cork. Danny also completed a BSc. Degree in Biology and Physics Education. He works as a performance nutritionist to professional MMA fighters, professional boxers and competitive powerlifters and has consulted with several teams across a range of sports.

Episode content: Meal times matter

Danny is the first returning guest to be back on the Fit to Succeed show. The work he has been doing in bringing the subject of chrono-nutrition to the general public caught out attention and we had to invite him back to share these important nuggets of knowledge. We discuss some great material, including:

  • 1:22 Why meal timings could affect health and performance
  • 3:48 Definition of the term chrono-nutrition
  • 10:34 Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?
  • 13:26 Health concerns with pushing food intake later in the day
  • 22:55 Does intermittent fasting or time-restricted feeding have any benefit
  • 27:24 Higher carbohydrate intake closer to bedtime
  • 30:09 Modern life tends to push meal consumption towards late evening
  • 36:10 Consistency of daily meal timings
  • 41:28 Impact of chrono-nutrition on energy balance and weight loss
  • 47:37 Applying chrono-nutrition to macronutrient metabolism

Danny refers to an article he wrote on the topic of Chrono-nutrition for the website Stronger by Science:

Why Meal Timing, Calorie Distribution & Feeding Windows Really Do Matter

Enjoy our previous interview featuring Danny Lennon where we discussed Science-based weight loss back in episode 6:

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Instagram @sigmanutrition

Twitter @NutritionDanny

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