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European fitness standards – Episode 12 with Julian Berriman



A detailed look into the operations of one of Europe’s leading organisations that champions fitness throughout the continent. Europe Active strives to set high professional European fitness standards for education that fitness professionals and organisations follow to keep the industry functioning successfully.

Guest biography

Julian currently works as the Director of the Professional Standards Committee for Europe Active, the leading not-for-profit organization representing the whole health and fitness sector in Europe. The Professional Standards Committee focuses on the development and dissemination of European fitness standards for education, accrediting training providers across Europe to deliver qualifications in line with these standards towards the professionalisation of the health and fitness sector workforce. The Level 4 Personal Training certification standards have been created and maintained by Europe Active for the whole European region.

Julian previously worked for nearly 2 decades for the leading UK business to consumer fitness education provider, Premier Global, as Director of Research and Development, developing qualification content, innovative education products, and helping drive UK national fitness standards. His involvement, experience and knowledge of fitness education requirements to meet the growing demands of the modern industry workplace is testament to why he now spearheads this work driving the European fitness standards across the region.

Alongside his Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Therapy, Julian has degrees in Sport and Recreation (BA), in Leisure Management (MA), Osteopathy (BSc), and also a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education.

Julian Berriman, Director of the Professional standards committee

Episode content: European fitness standards

In this episode we get to know Julian and his professional background and explore the following topics:

  • the experience of working as a fitness tutor in the UK
  • as an early adopter of functional fitness training, what inspired Julian to get involved with this type of training in 2001-02
  • the primary objectives of Europe Active across the fitness sector and how this impacts all fitness professionals
  • some of the challenges of driving the Europe Active vision across the continent
  • some of the success and highlights for Julian in working with an international organisation like Europe Active
  • ongoing professional development and Europe Active Lifelong Learning requirements.

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Keilir Health Academy, the parent company of Nordic Fitness Education, received their Europe Active accredited status in October 2017, with their certificate being presented by Julian at the 8th International Standards Meeting in Rome, November 2017.

Nordic Fitness Education have also now received full accredited status with Europe Active, being award in March 2020. The first online PT educator in Europe to receive this recognition.

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Left to right: Arnar Hafsteinsson (Director of Keilir Health Academy), Julian Berriman (Director of Professional Standards, Europe Active), Haddý Hafsteinsdóttir (IAK Programme Coordinator, Keilir)

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