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Exercise throughout pregnancy – Episode 16 with Jenny Burrell



In this episode, Jenny Burrell champions the health and fitness needs of women keeping fit during pregnancy and the postnatal period. Pregnancy does not have to become a time to rest and ‘put your feet up’ only, it can also be a time to continue enjoying your fitness habits and maintaining exercise throughout pregnancy. Jenny is passionate about empowering women to function, move, and enjoy life during and after pregnancy.


Jenny Burrell is the head of Burrell Education, one of the UK’s leading-edge educators in the field of modern Pregnancy, Post Baby, 3rd Age (Peri-to Post-Menopause) and Female Fitness. Burrell Education the UK’s only endorsed, accredited and licensed education provider dedicated to solely to these specific special population groups.

Jenny states her mission is to help mothers/women and pre & postnatal fitness professionals to realize the unlimited forward-facing possibilities for creating intuitive, real-life programming. She loves to develop strategies that quite simply get results. But most importantly, Jenny helps women re-connect with the power of who they really are!

She originally qualified with a BSc in biochemistry and microbiology. A lifelong learner, Jenny has obtained over 25 professional certifications in fitness, therapy, and wellness.

Episode content: Exercise throughout pregnancy

Some of the topics discussed during this engaging episode on keeping fit and continuing with exercise throughout pregnancy include:

  • Jenny’s fascinating journey to becoming a fitness professional that specializes in female fitness and wellness
  • a breakthrough in modern, pregnancy-related fitness advice
  • the changes in fitness and functional needs across the 3 trimesters of pregnancy
  • how the core and pelvic floor muscles are integrated in their function
  • and many more tips and ideas for keeping fit during pregnancy and female health

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Episode links

During the episode, Jenny mentions 2 specific individuals in the functional movement fields that helped improve her skills for keeping fit during pregnancy. If you would like to learn more about the concepts they teach follow the links below:

Paul Chek, founder of the Chek Institute and his Primal Pattern Movements course

Thomas Myers and his Anatomy Trains that teach regarding the myofacial lines

Bonus video

We also recorded a short bonus quick fire question round with Jenny. Again she offers some helpful thoughts and applicable tips. Enjoy!