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Fitness branding, hired or fired? – Episode 8 with Katie Bulmer-Cooke



Fitness branding is more than just deciding a name and a logo! Understanding and developing the identity, emotional association and reputation of your brand is beautifully explored and explained by BBC Apprentice candidate, Katie Bulmer-Cooke in this podcast episode of the Fit to Succeed show.

Guest biography

Katie is a hardworking, enthusiastic northern lass, who helps real women get the results they want, through personal fitness training, group personal training, fitness classes and online fitness programmes. Katie has received numerous accolades for her high-level work in the fitness industry. She has been awarded the UK PT of the year 2012, Top 10 Global PT’s to Watch 2012, UK fitness professional of the year 2013, and North-East Top 100 Entrepreneur 2015. Outside of fitness she is maybe best known for as a candidate in the hit BBC television show The Apprentice (series 10, 2014). Katie managed to survive 10 out of 12 gruelling weeks on the intense TV show.

Katie Bulmer-Cooke from the BBC Apprentice TV show

Episode content: Fitness branding

In this episode we discuss the value of effective branding in your business including:

  • Katie’s biggest challenges in her fitness career
  • Why fitness branding is an important business skill
  • Key steps to developing an effective fitness brand
  • Understanding your target market when creating your brand
  • Adapting business behaviour to ensure ongoing success

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During this episode, Katie refers to a fitness business brand example that she likes that was established by 1 Rebel in London.