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Life after the Vegetarian Myth – Episode 47 with Lierre Keith



20 years a dedicated vegan … invested morally, nutritionally, and politically into this lifestyle … then a monumental shift back to an omnivorous life to try and rescue her failing health, after living, what she calls, the vegetarian myth! Lierre Keith wrote a book about this life change and discussed the flaws, from her perspective, on the underlying principles of vegetarianism and veganism. The praise for her book has been clear to see, but so was the kickback! Online criticism, attack on character, and even death threats followed from those who disagreed! A decade on from the publication of her groundbreaking book and we speak with Lierre about her life and experiences since.

Guest biography

Lierre Keith is an American writer, food activist, and an environmentalist. She is the author of the highly acclaimed book, The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability (2009). She is co-author, with Derrick Jensen and Aric McBay, of Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet (Seven Stories Press, 2011) and she’s the editor of The Derrick Jensen Reader: Writings on Environmental Revolution (Seven Stories Press, 2012).

Episode content: Vegetarian myth

This episode is an instant classic! Lierre shares some great insights into her life since the publication of her highly influential book. We review some of the fundamental principles of the book and also the impact it has had on her life, including:

  • 1:18 Impact of publishing the Vegetarian Myth had on Lierre’s life
  • 3:55 What Lierre enjoyed about the vegan lifestyle
  • 8:00 Why the book was called the Vegetarian Myth and not the Vegan Myth?
  • 9:20 What is meant by the term moral vegetarianism?
  • 15:58 The political arguments for being vegetarian
  • 22:31 What is meant by nutritional vegetarianism?
  • 25:11 Nutritional components from animal foods that support health
  • 28:20 Lierre’s typical dietary practices
  • 32:41 Animal farming and the impact on the environment and carbon emissions
  • 35:08 A decade later, Lierre´s proposed changes to the Vegetarian Myth book
  • 41:51 Problems with industrial-scale plant food production

During the show, Lierre refers specifically to a study regarding brain size and dietary choices. We believe this is the study she was referring to

You may also enjoy our past interview in Episode 27 with Dr Natasha Campbel–McBride, titled The rise of Vegetarianism.

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