Gain a competitive edge in the realm of sports performance training with NASM’s Performance Enhancement Specialization (NASM-PES), designed to elevate both your clients’ athletic performance and your earning potential.



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Through this comprehensive program, you’ll acquire advanced knowledge and skills to deliver cutting-edge strength and conditioning training tailored to clients of all skill levels. With 16 modules covering essential aspects of sports performance, you’ll be equipped to meet the demands of sports professionals at every level, enhancing speed, agility, quickness, lifting techniques, and more.

Moreover, by becoming a NASM-PES certified specialist, you’ll unlock new career opportunities and attract clients seeking peak performance. Whether guiding athletes to reach their maximum potential or expanding your clientele base, this specialization opens doors to growth and success in the fitness industry.

Course overview: NASM-PES

The NASM-PES certification offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of topics essential for enhancing athletic performance:

Movement Assessment

Learn how to conduct thorough movement assessments to identify movement dysfunctions and imbalances that may limit athletic performance.

Functional Anatomy

Gain an in-depth understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics, with a focus on how different muscles and joints contribute to athletic movements.

Exercise Physiology

Explore the physiological principles underlying exercise performance, including energy systems, muscle physiology, and cardiovascular responses to exercise.

Sport-Specific Training

Discover specialized training protocols and programming strategies tailored to the specific demands of various sports and athletic activities.

Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) Training

Master techniques for developing speed, agility, and quickness to enhance athletic performance in sports that require rapid movements and changes of direction.

Power and Plyometric Training

Learn how to safely and effectively incorporate power and plyometric exercises to improve explosive strength and athletic power.

Strength and Conditioning

Develop comprehensive strength and conditioning programs designed to optimize strength, power, endurance, and muscular balance for athletic performance.

Injury Prevention Strategies

Explore evidence-based strategies for reducing the risk of sports-related injuries through proper warm-up routines, corrective exercises, and injury prevention protocols.

Nutrition and Hydration for Athletes

Understand the role of nutrition and hydration in optimizing athletic performance, including strategies for fueling workouts, promoting recovery, and maintaining hydration levels.

Recovery and Regeneration Techniques

Learn effective recovery and regeneration techniques to help athletes recover faster, reduce muscle soreness, and enhance overall performance.

Periodization and Program Design

Develop periodized training programs tailored to the specific needs and goals of individual athletes, incorporating principles of periodization to optimize performance and prevent overtraining.

Business and Marketing Strategies

Discover how to market your services as a Performance Enhancement Specialist, differentiate yourself in the competitive fitness industry, and attract clients seeking to improve their athletic performance.

Whether you work with professional athletes, competitive amateurs, or recreational enthusiasts, the NASM-PES certification will elevate your expertise and position you as a trusted authority in the field of athletic performance enhancement. Join us on this exciting journey to unlock the full potential of your clients and help them achieve peak performance in their chosen sports and activities.

Entry requirements

Although it is not required, it is recommended that candidates have at least one of the following credentials:

• NASM-CPT certification
• Certified Massage Therapist
• NCCA, NBFE or DETC Accredited Health/Fitness Certification
• 4-Year College Degree
• REPs Level 3 or higher (int’l)

Course recognition
The Performance Enhancement Specialist course is fully endorsed by NASM (1.9), AFAA (15), ACE (2.0)


  • Maximize Athletic Potential:

    NASM-PES certification equips you to optimize athletic performance for clients of all levels, enhancing speed, agility, and strength.

  • Stand Out Professionally:

    Gain a competitive edge in the fitness industry and attract clients seeking specialized sports performance training, opening doors to new career opportunities.

  • Drive Results:

    Master advanced strength and conditioning techniques to design targeted programs that deliver measurable improvements in athletic performance.

  • Access Exclusive Resources:

    Benefit from bonus content and a programming toolkit, including weight room maintenance tips and sample programs, to elevate your training offerings.

  • Backed by Science:

    NASM-PES is built on the evidence-based OPT™ Model, ensuring your training methods are grounded in scientific principles.

  • Make a Difference:

    Help clients achieve their athletic goals and reach their full potential on the field, court, or ice, making a tangible impact on their lives.

  • Stay Ahead:

    Keep pace with industry trends and best practices, maintaining your competitive edge in the dynamic field of sports performance training.

What are the Objectives of this course?

To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to:

Questions? Get guidance from our Program Experts


The course includes:

We are here to help you

NFE strives to be supportive to all registered students. We care about helping you reach your goals. We strive to be readily available to you (within certain parameters) throughout your studies. Throughout the Nordic Fitness Assistant, you may be able to communicate with your support tutor via one the following possible options:

  • Phone

  • email

  • Video Call

Considering a career as a registered Fitness Professional? Already working in fitness and seeking to upskill?

Now is an excellent time to consider embarking on a fresh, new career as a Certified Personal Trainer. The European fitness industry has exhibited steady growth for many years. Following the Covid19 pandemic the industry has stabilised and is now growing strongly once again. 

There are numerous benefits to embracing a new career as a professional Personal Trainer:

  • Experience a very high level of job satisfaction

  • Enjoy a career in a field you are passionate about

  • Work in a gym, as a mobile trainer, or as an online coach

  • Build a successful network of health & fitness professionals

  • Work with a diverse range of fascinating clientele

  • Specialise in a unique or niche area of expertise

  • Adapt your earning potential to your needs and circumstances

  • Manage your own business

  • Mentor a team of personal trainers as your business grows


Join us at Nordic Fitness Education and embark on an inspiring journey toward becoming a NASM-certified fitness specialist. Your gateway to a thriving career in the fitness industry begins right here, right now. Let’s make your fitness dreams a reality together.


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