NASM - Youth Exercise Specialist (YES)

The NASM Youth Exercise Specialist (YES) certification equips you with the skills to inspire and guide children and teenagers on their journey to physical fitness and overall well-being.



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NASM – Youth Exercise Specialist (YES)

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NASM - Youth Exercise Specialist (YES)​

Make your impact on the future by shaping the health and fitness of our youth. With childhood obesity rates reaching alarming levels, it’s more important than ever to intervene early and instill healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Did you know that only 1 in 3 children are physically active every day? The lack of regular physical activity among youth contributes to various health issues, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. As a Youth Exercise Specialist, you’ll play a crucial role in reversing this trend and empowering young in

Course overview: NASM-YES

The NASM Youth Exercise Specialist (NASM-YES) course provides a comprehensive overview of the principles, strategies, and techniques involved in training youth aged 6 to 19. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the course content:

Foundations of Youth Fitness

Gain an understanding of the physiological, psychological, and developmental differences between children, adolescents, and adults. Learn how these differences impact exercise programming and coaching approaches.

Explore the prevalence of childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyles, along with the associated health risks. Understand the importance of physical activity and nutrition in combating these trends.

Motivating Youth to Exercise

Learn effective strategies for motivating children and teenagers to engage in physical activity. Discover how to make fitness fun, engaging, and rewarding for young individuals of all ages.

Age-Appropriate Exercise Programming

Develop the skills to design safe, effective, and age-appropriate exercise programs for youth. Understand the unique considerations for different age groups, skill levels, and developmental stages.

Nutrition and Hydration for Youth

Explore the nutritional needs of children and adolescents, including macronutrient requirements, hydration guidelines, and the role of nutrition in supporting physical activity and overall health.

Injury Prevention and Safety

Learn best practices for preventing injuries and ensuring the safety of youth participants during exercise and physical activity. Understand how to identify and address common risk factors and hazards.

Sport-Specific Training

Discover how to enhance sports performance and skill development through sport-specific training programs. Gain insights into the unique physical demands and training requirements of different sports and activities.

Behavioral Coaching Techniques

Develop effective coaching and communication skills for working with youth. Learn how to build rapport, establish trust, and provide positive reinforcement to encourage adherence to exercise programs and healthy behaviors.

Group Training and Leadership

Master the art of leading and facilitating group training sessions for youth. Understand how to manage group dynamics, create engaging workouts, and foster a supportive and inclusive training environment.

Individualized Training Plans

Learn how to create personalized training plans for youth based on their individual goals, needs, and abilities. Explore the principles of the NASM Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model and its application to youth exercise programming.

Business and Marketing Strategies

Discover how to market your services as a Youth Exercise Specialist and attract clients in various settings, including schools, community centers, sports clubs, and private practice. Learn how to differentiate yourself in the market and build a successful career in youth fitness.

Entry requirements

While this course is designed with personal trainers, fitness coaches, nutrition coaches, and other health professionals in mind, there are no prerequisites for enrollment. Whether you’re already in the fitness industry or simply passionate about youth health and fitness, everyone is welcome to take the course.


The Youth Exercise Specialist course is fully endorsed by NASM (1), AFAA (10)

Why Become a Youth Exercise Specialist?

  • Meet the rising demand for youth fitness expertise.

  • Make fitness enjoyable for kids while enhancing their skills and activity levels.

  • Combat youth obesity through exercise and nutrition guidance.

  • Offer training options for after-school programs, sports teams, and family clients.

  • Elevate your career by mastering group and individual training with the OPT Model.

  • Invest in the well-being and future success of both your clients and yourself.

What are the Objectives of this course?

To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to:

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The course includes:

We are here to help you

NFE strives to be supportive to all registered students. We care about helping you reach your goals. We strive to be readily available to you (within certain parameters) throughout your studies. Throughout the Nordic Fitness Assistant, you may be able to communicate with your support tutor via one the following possible options:

  • Phone

  • email

  • Video Call

Considering a career as a registered Fitness Professional? Already working in fitness and seeking to upskill?

Now is an excellent time to consider embarking on a fresh, new career as a Certified Personal Trainer. The European fitness industry has exhibited steady growth for many years. Following the Covid19 pandemic the industry has stabilised and is now growing strongly once again. 

There are numerous benefits to embracing a new career as a professional Personal Trainer:

  • Experience a very high level of job satisfaction

  • Enjoy a career in a field you are passionate about

  • Work in a gym, as a mobile trainer, or as an online coach

  • Build a successful network of health & fitness professionals

  • Work with a diverse range of fascinating clientele

  • Specialise in a unique or niche area of expertise

  • Adapt your earning potential to your needs and circumstances

  • Manage your own business

  • Mentor a team of personal trainers as your business grows


Join us at Nordic Fitness Education and embark on an inspiring journey toward becoming a NASM-certified fitness specialist. Your gateway to a thriving career in the fitness industry begins right here, right now. Let’s make your fitness dreams a reality together.


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