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Growing a successful online personal training business – Episode 31 with Jonathan Goodman



Being a successful face to face personal trainer does not necessarily translate into success when shifting towards online personal training business. Jonathan Goodman shares his expertise and provides some key insights into how running an online personal training business is different from in-person training.

Guest Biography

Jonathan Goodman is an experienced and respected personal trainer from Toronto, Canada, who has a strong reputation for excellence in PT business and setting a strong benchmark in how to generate growth and success. He is the author of several books, including Ignite the Fire and also the Personal Trainer Pocketbook. Jon is also the founder of the Personal Trainer Development Centre, one of the largest communities of personal trainers available online. He also created the Online Trainer Academy where fitness professionals can expand their know-how and get certified to run a successful business as a fitness trainer through online coaching and instruction.

Jonathan Goodman


Episode content:  Online personal training business

During episode 31, a wide range of subjects related to fitness business and more specifically online personal training business were discussed, including:

  • problems associated with marketing across a broad audience rather than focusing on a specific niche
  • the importance of communicating value to the customer or personal training client
  • differences in demonstrating value between a budget and a high-end service model
  • key differences between a face to face versus an online personal training service offering
  • advice for newly qualified personal trainers who are seeking to offer online fitness coaching
  • plus much, much more great value content

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Bonus video

In this short bonus video Jonathan shares some quick tips regarding marketing problems, online personal training, and client retention. Enjoy.