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The sweet and sour effects of sugar on health – Episode 17 with Richard Scrivener



Sugar has a delicious sweet taste that we often crave, but it may be having a very sour effect upon our health! Learn why it is not as simple as sugar is just ‘good or bad’ in this engaging interview with leading personal trainer and nutritional therapist, Richard Scrivener, where we discuss the effects of sugar on health.


Richard is a Personal Training coach and educator with over 15 years’ experience within the industry. His coaching philosophy is one of ‘building health from the ground up’ and is a stalwart believer in ‘practicing what he preaches’.

Richard has worked as a Health, Fitness and Nutrition Lecturer, a Health and Fitness Course Developer, Strength and Conditioning Coach (athlete focused) and Nutritional Therapist. He also works widely with lots of the top fitness publications as an author, fitness model and contributing expert. Richard is also the Animal Flow master instructor for the UK.

Always seeking to stay on top of the latest research and trends, Richard uses his experience to provide a personalised training approach which incorporates the most effective ‘evidence-based’ training which is interactive, progressive and will encourage each and every client to explore the boundaries of their physicality. Richard is the founder of Health-Vitality-Perform.

Richard Scrivener, MSc

Episode details: Sugar on health

The key content within this episode answers a number of important questions and topics about sugar on health, including:

– what is the physical structure of white sugar?
– does sugar really have a negative impact on our health?
– is fruit sugar (fructose) different and is it harmless to eat?
– what impact has sugar had upon the obesity epidemic? is it to blame?

Content links

During this episode, Richard refers to a research study on the effect of fruit on obesity. Please click the link to review the published article:

The paradoxical effects of fruit on obesity

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Sugar bonus

Here is a quick-fire bonus interview with Richard where we discussed some practical tips to help reduce your sugar cravings.