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Workplace wellness for highly productive people – Episode 49 with Dr John Briffa

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There is no doubt that successfully managing the health of the human body has plenty of benefit for the workplace for all types of employment. However, the question is whether an employer or corporate organisation have the right to interfere with their employee’s lifestyle and health-related habits? Also what realistic actions can be taken to make a difference in workplace wellness, productivity and efficiency? Dr John Briffa, a leading voice within corporate health and wellbeing, joins us on today’s show to answer these important questions.

Guest biography

Dr John Briffa is a practising medical doctor, author and international speaker. He is a prize-winning graduate of University College London School of Medicine, and also holds a BSc degree in Biomedical Sciences. 

Dr Briffa is a former columnist for the Daily Mail and the Observer newspapers in the UK, and former contributing editor for Men’s Health magazine and is a previous recipient of the Health Journalist of the Year award in the UK.

Dr Briffa has authored nine books including A Great Day at the Office (Harper Collins 2014), a practical guide to optimising energy and performance for business professionals. He is the director of Dr Briffa Wellness, a specialist consultancy that provides speaking and training services to organisations and business professionals around the world. Clients include Deloitte, PwC, HSBC, Barclays, the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Allen and Overy, Gowling WLG, the BBC, Tesco and Schroders.

Episode content: Workplace wellness

In this discussion, John shares some great perspectives, insights, and health tips that will benefit your working habits and lifestyle more broadly. John’s gift for communication and personable style make this a great, easy listening episode that is well worth your listening time! 

  • 1:48 What motivated Dr Briffa to work within the field of corporate wellness
  • 7:44 The responsibility of the employer and employee in personal wellbeing
  • 10:46 Workplace rights to interfere versus the personal right to choose
  • 17:54 The workplace as an option to reach individuals and affect health change
  • 22:43 The cause and a potential solution to mid-afternoon fatigue
  • 30:10 How poor sleep can impact productivity and performance
  • 37:37 Managing stress load within the work environment
  • 52:50 Quick-fire questions: sunlight exposure, breathing techniques, & music at work

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Twitter: @drbriffa

Linkedin: @dr john briffa

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