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Lying Dumbbell Row

Lying Dumbbell Row

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Muscle Groups
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Latissimus dorsi (“Wing” muscles) strength
  • Upper back strength
  • Rear deltoid strength
  • Biceps strength


The lying dumbbell row develops the latissimus dorsi “lats”, rear-deltoids, and the scapula muscles. The bench provides a brace for the upper body to prevent excessive strain on the lower back. Select a bench that allows the bar to travel through a full range of motion. Use lighter dumbbells for muscular endurance and heavier weights for strength development.


  • On a bench, lie on your stomach, face down (you may use a towel to place your forehead on).
  • Holding a dumbbell in each hand, pull both straight up to the sides.
  • Keep your elbows out to the sides and exhale on the way up.
  • Return slowly to the floor.


  • Cocking the head up
  • Shrugging the shoulders up as you pull the dumbbells
  • Bending the wrists as you pull the dumbbells