Barbell Shoulder Press -- Seated

Barbell Shoulder Press — Seated

The barbell shoulder press performed seated is a compound exercise that strengthens the shoulders and triceps. Compound exercises involve multiple muscle groups and joints. If you are looking to develop strong, well defined-shoulders, the seated barbell press is for you. Seated barbell shoulder presses place more focus on the front of the deltoids than standing barbell presses.

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Knee Pushup — Hands Elevated

The knee pushup performed with hands elevated strengthens the chest, shoulders and triceps. The elevation increases the exercises range of motion and allows for a pre-stretch on the chest muscles. The pre-stretch is believed to contribute to greater force production by the muscles. Following a pre-stretch (eccentric contraction followed immediately by a concentric contraction) the muscles utilize the storage of elastic energy to achieve a peak-contraction.

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