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Barbell Shoulder Press — Seated

Barbell Shoulder Press -- Seated

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Muscle Groups
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps
  • Deltoid strength
  • Triceps strength


The barbell shoulder press performed seated is a compound exercise that strengthens the shoulders and triceps. Compound exercises involve multiple muscle groups and joints. If you are looking to develop strong, well defined-shoulders, the seated barbell press is for you. Seated barbell shoulder presses place more focus on the front of the deltoids than standing barbell presses.


  • Keep your back straight and your chest up at all time.
  • Seated at the end of a bench, hold the barbell in your hands at shoulder level, palms forward.
  • Press the barbell straight up until your arms are straight and the elbows are in line with your ears.
  • Lower the barbell back to shoulder level.


  • Excessive arching of the back
  • Pressing the barbell too far in front of the head, instead of directly overhead