Back, Hyperstrike Exercise Videos

Back Extension — Bench

Back Extension -- Bench

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Muscle Groups
  • Back
  • Lower back strength


Using the back extension bench strengthens the muscles of the lower back (Erector spinae) and the buttock muscle (Gluteus maximus). This exercise is suitable for most exercises as the lumbar region can be supported by the adjustable pad.


  • Adjust the height of the pelvic padding to a position slightly higher than your pelvic ridge.
  • Position your legs so that the padding is placed on your calf muscles.
  • Keep your arms crossed and hands touching your shoulders.
  • Start the exercise by slowly moving the trunk down.
  • Slowly straighten up the trunk until the back displays the normal amount of curve in the lumbar vertebrae.
  • Keep your head up and eyes focused on the floor.
  • Repeat.


  • Hyperextending the spine.