Back, Hips & Buttocks, Hyperstrike Exercise Videos

Ball Drape

Ball Drape

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Muscle Groups
  • Back
  • Hips & Buttocks
  • Stretches upper back
  • Stretches mid back
  • Stretches lower back


The ball drape is a passive stretch for the upper, mid and lower-back. It’s a very simple exercise to help relieve tightness in the back. Anyone who sits for long periods of time will benefit from performing the ball drape. For more of a stretch try and wrap your body around the ball. It’s important to relax and breath deeply.


  • Kneel down in front of a stability ball.
  • Lean your trunk forward onto the ball and then roll forward so that the ball is under your stomach.
  • Slump down and relax your entire trunk and head onto the ball.
  • Relax your arms down the side of the ball and breath deeply.


  • Not relaxing the torso and neck muscles over the ball