Hyperstrike Exercise Videos, Legs

Band Hip Adduction — Standing

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Muscle Groups
  • Legs
  • Adductor (inner thigh) strength


Hip adduction performed standing with a resistance band works the inner thigh muscles. This exercise can be performed anywhere, making it a good substitute if a cable machine or inner thigh machine is not available. You can also perform this exercise seated with the resistance band anchored around your knee. The standing variation is best because most activity is performed while standing. This is referred to as “ground-based”, because your feet are in contact with the ground.


  • Secure one end of the band and attach the other to one ankle.
  • Holding onto a bar next to you, stand tall with your posture straight and stabilized at all time.
  • Starting with your feet about 12 to 16 inches apart, move the resisted leg across the front of your body.
  • Slowly return to the start position.


  • Tilting the pelvis