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Band Lat Pulldowns

Band Lat Pulldowns

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Muscle Groups
  • Back
  • Latissimus dorsi (“Wing” muscles) strength
  • Biceps strength


Lat pulldowns performed with a resistance band is a great exercise to develop “lat” strength. The latissimus dorsi muscles are activated in pulling movements and must be trained for proper back development. This exercise can be performed at home or at the gym. Using the resistance band allows each arm to operate independently. For variety in your workouts, alternate pulling each side down. When the resistance on the band becomes too easy, use the cable machine.


  • Hold the band toward its ends, with just enough tension when the arms are straight up.
  • Pull the band down to the sides, keeping the elbows out.
  • Pause when the elbows reach your sides and the hands near head level.
  • Return slowly to the top, with your arms straight again.


  • Pulling the band down past the upper chest
  • Pulling the elbows too far behind the body instead of straight back and down
  • Dropping the chest down
  • Leaning back excessively
  • Shrugging the shoulders up as you pull down