Cardio-Respiratory System, Full Body, Hyperstrike Exercise Videos


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Muscle Groups
  • Cardio-Respiratory System
  • Full Body
  • Strengthens upper body
  • Strengthens torso and hips.
  • Strengthens lower body.


Burpees provide a full-body, bodyweight workout. Burpees can be performed almost anywhere and make a great conditioning exercise. Actually, burpees alone make a great workout. Perform burpees with other exercises to burn more fat and improve your endurance.


  • Stand with your feet at hip-width.
  • Drop straight down onto your hands and kick your feet straight back (into a pushup position).
  • Move immediately into a pushup.
  • As you complete the pushup, immediately jump your feet forward between your hands.
  • And stand straight up.


  • Letting the hips sag or drop while in the pushup position.
  • Jumping the feet back one at a time (must jump both back at the same time).
  • Not jumping the feet forward far enough.