Hips & Buttocks, Hyperstrike Exercise Videos

Cable Hip Abduction — Side-Lying

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Muscle Groups
  • Hips & Buttocks
  • Glute strength (emphasis: gluteus medius)


The cable hip abduction performed lying on your side is an effective exercise for the glutes, hip and outer thigh. The cable stack and ankle strap are available at many gyms. To do this exercise effectively try to lift you leg directly to the side without drifting forward or back. The hip abduction lying on your side can also be performed with a band or resistance tubing.


  • With the ankle-strap secured around one ankle, lie on the opposite side, so that the strapped ankle is on top.
  • Lift the top leg as high as you can without moving the pelvis bone or your torso.
  • Slowly lower the leg.


  • Tilting and hiking your hip up