Hyperstrike Exercise Videos, Shoulders

Dumbbell Lateral Raise — Standing

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Muscle Groups
  • Shoulders
  • Deltoid strength (emphasis: lateral head)


The dumbbell lateral “lat” raise performed standing trains the shoulders. Many bodybuilders perform this exercise before pressing to pre-fatigue the primary movers and create a better “burn” in the shoulders. The standing variety allows for more weight to be used than when seated. Begin with the dumbbells to the sides or in front of the thighs.


  • Standing tall, hold the dumbbells in your hands with your arms hanging straight.
  • Keeping your arms straight, lift the dumbbells to the sides.
  • Stop at shoulder height and return the dumbbells to the start position.


  • Shrugging the shoulders excessively
  • Hunching forward
  • Leaning back