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Dumbbell Shoulder Internal Rotation — Side Lying

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Muscle Groups
  • Shoulders
  • Internal rotator muscles of the shoulders


Dumbbell shoulder internal rotation – side lying targets the subscapularis muscles. The internal rotators assist the external rotators in keeping the shoulder joint stable. Rotator cuff injuries are common is sports such as tennis and baseball. The high velocity, ballistic motion common in these sports places tremendous forces on the shoulders and the rotators cuff muscles. Because they are often weak and overused, the rotator cuff muscles tear.


  • Lying on your side, hold the dumbbell in the hand that’s on the bottom, with the elbow bent at 90 degrees.
  • Maintaining the elbow at 90 degrees, rotate your arm so that the dumbbell moves up and across your chest.
  • Return slowly to the start position.


  • Twisting the body