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Dumbbell Step Up

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Muscle Groups
  • Hips & Buttocks
  • Legs
  • Leg strength
  • Glute strength


The dumbbell step up performed on a low step targets the glutes and thighs. Step ups are a functional movement which transfers well to everyday life. So while you are building great looking legs you are also preparing you body to handle the stress of everyday life. After mastering forward lunges you may try steps ups as an alternative exercise for strengthening the legs and butt.


  • Hold the dumbbells in your hands and face a step box.
  • Step one foot up onto the box, keeping the chest up.
  • Lift yourself until both feet are on the box.
  • With the same foot you started with, step down carefully and lower yourself onto the floor again.


  • Rounding the back
  • Front knee tilting off-center
  • Leaning forward excessively