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Functional training and total body transformation – Episode 28 with strength coach, JC Santana




An exploration of the strengths and weaknesses of the modern functional training paradigm and the principles behind total body transformation with world-class, veteran strength and conditioning coach, JC Santana from the Institute of Human Performance (IHP).

Guest Biography

Fitness maverick, founder of the Institute of Human Performance (IHP), dynamic speaker, sought-after consultant, prolific author…for over 30 years Juan Carlos “JC” Santana has been raising the bar in the fitness industry. Santana has been referred to as “the USA’s leading practitioner of functional fitness”. He has personally trained and developed specific programs for all professional sports, youth fitness, fitness for the mature populations, and accelerated rehabilitation. His advanced understanding of biomechanics and conditioning have made him the go-to guy for those interested in reaching their optimal performance levels. JC has authored several books, including Functional Training (2015) and his latest offering, JC’s Total Body Transformation (2018).

Santana is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the NSCA and a certified Health Fitness Instructor with the ACSM. He is also a certified Senior Coach and Club Coach Course Instructor with the USA Weightlifting Team, and a Level I coach with the USA Track and Field Association. Santana currently serves on the NSCA Board of Directors and is Sports Specific Conditioning Editor for the NSCA Journal. JC has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Exercise Science and is working towards his Ph.D. in exercise physiology.

JC Santana elite strength coach
JC Santana, Founder, Institute of Human Performance


Episode content: Functional training

In this episode, we discuss some really fascinating content that will help stretch your thoughts and opinions across a number of fitness concepts, many of which we often take for granted. We cover the following topics and more:

  • the spiri-e-motion paradigm model used by Santana at IHP
  • JC’s definition of functional training
  • concerns with the commonly applied CrossFit training model
  • minimal training for maximum results
  • training individual ability
  • the 4 exercise tweak categories

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JC Santana’s books

Total Body Transformation, JC Santana book
Functional Training, JC Santana book

Bonus video

JC also recorded a short quick-fire video interview that helps to share a few quick ideas and thoughts about functional training, the human will, a favourite exercise tweak, and what has helped Santana succeed for more than 3 decades in the health and fitness industry.