Calves, Hyperstrike Exercise Videos

Long Sitting Band Foot Inversion — Unilateral

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Muscle Groups
  • Calves
  • Ankle inversion strength
  • Prevents excessive pronation during gait


Long sitting band foot inversion strengthens the ankle and helps prevent excessive pronation (turning outward) during walking and running. Excessive pronation can cause the ankle to roll and may lead to knee problems. This exercise is performed while seated, making it a good choice for anyone with limited or no hip strength.


  • Seated with your legs stretched in front of you, cross the left leg over the right leg
  • Strap the elastic band around the left foot and attach the end of the band to the right foot
  • Secure the other end of the band with your hand
  • Turn the bottom of the attached (right) foot toward your left (inversion)
  • Then return it forward


  • Letting the foot tilt sideways