Full Body, Hyperstrike Exercise Videos

Overhead Squat

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Muscle Groups
  • Full Body
  • Increases flexibility in shoulders, hips and legs


The overhead squat is a great exercise that stretches and strengthens at the same time. In addition to strengthening your body it also teaches your upper and lower body to work together. For most people just using a broom stick of piece of pvc pipe will be challenging. AS your flexibility and strength improves you can add weight. I truly believe the overhead squat is one of the toughest exercises.


  • Hold the bar overhead with out-stretched arms, both elbows locked straight.
  • Keep the bar about 8 to 12 inches over your head.
  • Squat down while keeping the bar directly over your feet.
  • Stand up while keeping the bar high over your head.
  • Note: Keep your heels down; at the bottom of the squat, the head will be slightly in front of the bar.


  • Back rounding
  • Head protruding or dropping forward
  • Elbows unlocking and bending
  • Knees tilting inward
  • Heels coming off the ground