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Achieving pain free movement – Episode 14 with Andrew Dettelbach



In this interview with MoveU co-founder, Andrew Dettelbach, (aka. MoveU shirtless dude) we explore a whole range of fascinating concepts to help us understand how to achieve effective and pain-free human movement.

Guest biography

Andrew is the co-founder of MoveU and was a student in Dr Mike Wasilisin’s first-class! He later became an intern in his practice, but shortly after severely injured his low back – a 1 level disc herniation. Three surgeons told him surgery was his only option. Andrew refused surgery because his uncle has had 5 failed back surgeries and now lives disabled, hooked up to a morphine pump.

Dr Mike tried to help him with adjustments, massage, stretching, and every other therapy, but nothing worked. However, through education combined with trial and error, it took Andrew about 1.5 years to figure out how to properly position and move his body to heal his pain and prevent re-injury. The next 3 years were spent refining this process, and now through our business, MoveU, we have taught thousands of others how to heal themselves. Andrew’s mission is to help everyone develop the confidence in their body that he has in his own.

Andrew has a degree in Kinesiology from California State University.

Episode content: achieving pain-free movement

In this episode we discuss the following key topics to help you achieve pain-free movement of the body:

  • the cause of Andrew’s back injury and how he could have prevented it
  • how his perspective on movement and training has changed
  • an unexpected definition for the core muscles
  • how hip and shoulder function impact low back pain
  • a simple self-test that may serve to warn you of future back pain
  • the importance of psychology and mindset in injury recovery

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Bonus video

Here is an extra quick-fire interview with Andrew for lots of quick, helpful tips!

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