Chest, Hyperstrike Exercise Videos

Pectoral Fly on FSFIB Flat-to-Incline Bench

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Muscle Groups
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps
  • chest strength.
  • Triceps strength.


The Pectoral Fly on FSFIB Flat-to-Incline Bench isolates the chest muscles. And the resistance recruits the stabilizer muscles around the shoulders, making this a great upper body exercise.


  • Set doors wide, adjust swivel pulleys to lowest position, adjust bench to horizontal position, and set resistance.
  • Lie flat on bench so pulley handles are aligned at mid-chest, grasp handles with arms outstretched to sides and a slight bend at elbows.
  • Slowly bring hands together over chest while maintaining arc in arms.
  • Return to start position and repeat.


  • Over-arching the lower back.
  • Lifting the hips off the bench.