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Personal coaching supersedes personal training – Episode 25 with Bobby Cappuccio



Coaching is not just another word for training! Becoming a personal fitness coach requires a change in our approach to client support and behaviour change. Leading behaviour coach and personal trainer, Bobby Cappuccio, shares the important differences and will be sure to change your perspective.

Guest biography

Bobby began coaching shortly after a paradigm shift occurred in his life. He was in his early twenties and a certified personal trainer. Born with a severe facial deformity and diagnosed with Tourette syndrome at age nine, he suffered abominable abuse in and out of his home until he stumbled upon a marvel: exercise. He discovered that by redirecting his focus, he could affect positive change in not only his life but in the lives of the people he in turn trained. In helping others, he was in fact helping himself. In sharing his discoveries over the years, he became a world-renowned speaker, author and behaviour change coach.

As co-founder of PTA Global, former head of training and development at David Barton gym, former director of professional development at the National Academy of Sports Medicine (N.A.S.M.), Director of Coaching at the Institute of Motion (IOM) and content curator for PTontheNet, Bobby’s reach runs wide. Bobby has worked with Hilton Hotels, Virgin Active, Fitness First, 24hr Fitness, David Lloyd Leisure and multiple small businesses nationally and abroad. Bobby travels the world impacting lives, inspiring positive change and growth in individuals and companies alike. He has presented at business and fitness conferences across the globe including IDEA, Filex, CanFitPro, FitPro, IHRSA, Pure Fitness Asia, Perform Better, Equinox, Gold’s Gym International, Lifetime Family Fitness etc. helping to develop top-notch fitness professionals.

Fit to Succeed episode: Personal coaching

In this episode on personal coaching we cover:

  • Bobby’s back story that brought him into the fitness and personal training industry
  • the definition of coaching
  • how personal training is connected to coaching
  • the concept of cognitive dissonance and how this can impact fitness objectives
  • how confirmation bias can lead to less informed choices and limit the potential for change

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Bonus video

Here is a short 5-minute bonus video that we recorded with Bobby, that offers some extra ideas and concepts to help.