Hyperstrike Exercise Videos, Shoulders

PowerBlock Lateral Raise — Seated

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Muscle Groups
  • Shoulders
  • Deltoid strength (emphasis: lateral head).


The PowerBlock Lateral Raise — Seated isolates the medial head of the deltoids. If you raise your arms above the horizontal plane you activate the trapezius. Lateral raises are typically performed with moderate weight. The “lat” raise is a standard shoulder exercise found in most workout routines. You may change the load on the shoulders by turning your palms down, up, or out. Experiment with various grips to vary the angle of work and keep your muscles challenged.


  • Seated at the end of a bench, hold the PowerBlock dumbbells in your hands with your arms hanging straight.
  • Keeping your arms straight, lift the dumbbells to the sides.
  • Stop at shoulder height and return the dumbbells to the start position.


  • Shrugging the shoulders excessively.
  • Hunching forward.
  • Hunching forward.