Hyperstrike Exercise Videos, Upper Body

Push up Feet on Ball Hands on Step

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Muscle Groups
  • Upper Body
  • Chest strength
  • Front deltoids strength
  • Triceps strength
  • Abdominal strength
  • Hip strength


Doing a push up with your feet on a ball adds an extra element of challenge. It forces you to activate more of your core muscles to keep your body stable. If you get bored with push ups try this variation with your feet on a ball.


  • Position a Physio Ball at your feet.
  • In a pushup position, balance on your knees and hands, with hands placed on two step-boxes.
  • Lift one leg onto the Physio Ball and then the opposite leg.
  • Keep your head, neck, and body aligned in a straight line.
  • Lower yourself as far as you can by bending your arms.
  • Push back up to the top.


  • Dropping the head
  • Drooping the lower back
  • Keeping the hips too low
  • Keeping the hips up too high