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Sleep chronotypes, training adjustments, trackers and more: How do you feel podcast


The author of our Sleep Recovery Specialist course, Ben Pratt, recently featured on the How Do You Feel Podcast, hosted by Casey Zavaleta, from Toronto Canada. Casey asked some great questions that led to a really worthwhile discussion that covered an interesting range of topics surrounding sleep chronotypes, fatigue, exercise and training, stress physiology and much more. Enjoy this audio interview:

In this episode, Ben and Casey discuss the following topics:

  • Why Ben prioritizes sleep above fitness and nutrition
  • How to improve your sleep quality
  • Sleep phases
  • When and how to change your training program if you haven’t slept well
  • How exercise can be detrimental if you haven’t slept enough
  • Stress and sleep
  • How hormones are affected by sleep
  • How sleep affects your appetite and body composition
  • Sleep chronotypes and how to determine yours
  • Differentiating your habits from your chronotype
  • How chronotype changes with age
  • What to do to feel better in the morning
  • Creating a nighttime routine
  • Mind stimulation at night
  • Whether supplemental melatonin is effective or not
  • Oversleeping
  • Repaying sleep debt on the weekend
  • Social jet lag
  • How to get better sleep as a shift worker
  • The accuracy of sleep trackers

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