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The power of small group personal training – Episode 11 with Lincoln Bryden



Group exercise may be an exciting additional option and revenue stream for fitness professionals and especially personal trainers who usually invest their time only in 1 on 1 training. Rather than using the large group class structure usually adopted by exercise to music instructors, personal trainers may choose to utilise a small group personal training structure to still benefit from the peer-to-peer motivation and the overall group training buzz. Lincoln Bryden is a highly experienced, veteran of the group training world and shares important insights into the methods and principles behind the all-important group training skills.

Guest biography

Lincoln has a BSc degree in Recreation Management and Sports Science and is the founder of his own business, Total Fitness. He specialises in delivering quality training and instruction to aerobic, step, and dance group exercise instructors and personal trainers. Lincoln has presented group exercise internationally all over the world, including Italy, Spain, Holland, Germany, France, Hong Kong, and Mexico. An upbeat and engaging presenter, Lincoln has also created 20 fitness videos.

In between organising his own fitness and dance days, Lincoln had a TV Slot on the popular Big Breakfast TV Show, teaching street dance fitness. He is the European Master Trainer for Metabolic Effect, which is a hormonal fat loss and lifestyle company. Lincoln is responsible for delivering ME, indoor and outdoor group exercise and Personal Training courses.

Lincoln’s Fitness Training Downloads website specialises in providing quality fitness and group exercise training for professional instructors. For those that require a personal touch his Fitness Training Academy provides monthly coaching, webinars and tutorials.

Lincoln Bryden

Episode content: Small group personal training

In this episode, we discuss how personal trainers and other fitness professionals can benefit from group fitness/exercise, including:

  • what has brought the PT and group exercise worlds together in recent years?
  • the factors needed to excel as a group fitness/exercise instructor
  • the importance of class preparation
  • how small group PT can offer connection and belonging
  • challenges of delivering an effective group fitness experience
  • top instructional skills/tips to succeed as a small group personal training coach

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