Full Body, Hyperstrike Exercise Videos

Split Jerk

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Muscle Groups
  • Full Body
  • Strength and power of the lower body.
  • Coordination of the upper and lower body.
  • Core strength.


The Split Jerk is the preferred overhead movement for many Olympic lifters. It teaches you to move very fast and with precision, two attributes that are crucial in all sports. Most athletes, except Olympic Lifters, will want to practices the split jerk on both sides.


  • Start with the barbell in the rack position.
  • Dip down with your legs, keeping your chest up.
  • Drive with your legs.
  • Push your body under the bar with your arms and catch it in a lunge.
  • Step forward half way with the back foot then backward with the front foot.


  • Falling forward when you dip.
  • Catching the bar too far forward or back.
  • Letting your hips go forward.
  • Bad lunge.