Cardio-Respiratory System, Full Body, Hyperstrike Exercise Videos

Stair Run

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Muscle Groups
  • Cardio-Respiratory System
  • Full Body
  • Leg power
  • Leg speed
  • Leg conditioning


Stair “bleacher” runs develops power, speed, and full-body conditioning. This is a great conditioning exercise for burning fat, strengthening the glutes, and building powerful calves. Bleacher runs are great for track and field, football, and soccer. Be prepared for a butt kicking workout.


  • Running up a bleacher (or stairs), take quick steps by moving your legs with speed.
  • Swing your elbows in fast rhythm with your legs, moving the hands quickly from cheeks to hips.
  • Keep good posture — chest up and back straight.


  • Keeping the arms too stiff
  • Not swinging the arms
  • Hunching