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Standing Row with FSSB Straight Bar

Standing Row with FSSB Straight Bar

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Muscle Groups
  • Back
  • Back strength.
  • Core strength.


The Standing Row with FSSB Straight Bar targets the back, rear deltoids and biceps. Performing this exercise standing is great for activating the core. For peak contraction retract the scaplula, activate the core and pull the arms back.


  • Set doors narrow, adjust pulleys to chest level, attach straight bar ends to each swivel pulley and set resistance.
  • Stand facing machine with feet staggered, grasp bar and extend arms in front of swivel pulleys without locking elbows.
  • Pull hands as far back as possible, leading with elbows; return to start position and repeat.


  • Dropping your elbows as you pull the bar towards you.