Cardio-Respiratory System, Full Body, Hyperstrike Exercise Videos


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Muscle Groups
  • Cardio-Respiratory System
  • Full Body
  • Increases cardiovascular and respiratory fitness


Treadmill running is a cardiovascular exercise. Running on the treadmill is an alternative to outdoor running for people in cold weather climates. The treadmill can be used to increase stride length and stride frequency. Increasing your stride length and/or frequency will increase your running speed. Running on the treadmill burns calories.


  • While running, make sure to point both feet straight ahead.
  • Make sure your foot strikes in a rolling motion, from heel to toes.
  • Keeping both elbows bent, stay loose and relaxed as you swing both arms.
  • Keep your chest up, shoulders down and relaxed.


  • Flopping the feet upon landing
  • Hunching forward
  • Slouching